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Dream I'd say so. Yeah, we told you last half hour Francis Tiago grew up in the sun of immigrants from Sierra Leone and dad, the head custodian at the junior tennis champion center at college park and now Francis TFO in the quarterfinals of the U.S. open after four set win of her Rafael Nadel. My favorite basketball player in the NBA, Bradley Bill. They've been walking this time he's a lot to me. His wife. Yeah, they were sitting in the Francis tiepolo's box yesterday at the U.S. open and then not only that, he sees a tweet from LeBron James. I was like, do I retweet it as soon as he sent it? I was like, you know what? I'm gonna be cool and act like I didn't see it. And retweeted her like three hours later. He's acting like a champion right now. And now for WTO, he's been the big takeaway from tiafoe's win is that he deserves to be here. He didn't fluke his way into the U.S. open quarters. This isn't some colossal upset. It is a big deal because it's the first time he's beaten Adele, but really tiafoe's game has been trending in the right direction for the past couple of years and especially over the past few months. It's his time, and he looks the part. And part of a long day yesterday, Carlos alker has defeated Marin Cilic late last night in 5 sets. Next half hour, room service and delivery food for Francis tiafoe. National 6 don't think about all the cardinals. That's three straight wins. Two over the mets, of course, beat the Cardinals yesterday. Oil is now four and a half out of a wild card after double letter suite by the Blue Jays. Hey, Aaron judge, now 54 home runs. He's on pace to hit 65 homers that's four more of the Roger Maris American League record in 1961. Dave Johnson. Sports

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