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Speaking of which I can't think of a better way to start this second hour. Then by going To the phone line. That is where Joe joins us. Wants to talk about the Titans Broncos game last night. Good afternoon, Joe. What's on your mind? So ran the biggest perspective that I got from watching the game. Which is one of the few games actually got the watch was If the Broncos could find a way to put points on the board after they get Bri ng this vehicles. It could easily win that, even if they bring the team down the field and kick field goals themselves. They need that offense. Pick it up. They have a lot of talent. You know, just from watching from a fan perspective that they can be really explosive. I mean, with Sutton coming back. Let's see if he can find a way to stay healthy. They got plenty of talent there. Defense played great, and it was be excited. Especially without bomb. Miller that defense look pretty stuff. Thank you for the call Joe. Great point on the broncosoffense, and I think that's what you have to look at. Where you're most disappointed. I mean, Joe is Clearly more optimistic about the Broncos chances moving forward than I am. But I think we both agree. That the Denver Broncos offense left a lot to be desired. And the injuries to Lindsay and Sutton, I get it. But there's one guy. That I don't know that I think is unaffected. By those injuries. You know if Cortland suntans out all the sun, and you saw this with Jerry Judy When he runs down the sideline. They give this safety help over the top. Okay, That's safety Help would go to Courtland Sutton. In a normal situation, everyone being healthy. So Courtland Sutton. Being in an hour and time out. KJ handler he KJ handler is going to be house money. Nice bonus. Whatever. My expectations on KJ handler of him being like this difference maker wherever I'm more focused on Sutton and Jerry Judy when it comes to wide receivers. Portland Sutton being out all the sun. Puts more attention on Jerry Judy. And from a times perspective, I don't understand why they didn't pay him Maura tension in the second half. Left him alone in single coverage to make moves in the middle of the field, and he had some big place. So son being out affects him. Lindsay being out affects Melvin Gordon. Sutton and Lindsay being out. Do not affect Noah faint. At least not To the extent that it affects the other skill players for the Denver Broncos. In 2018. Travis Kelsey. Was the Chiefs leading past catcher. In 2018. That was Patrick Mahomes, his first full season. Quarterbacking the Kansas City Chiefs last year. The leading receiver on the Baltimore Ravens in Lamar Jackson's first full season. As quarterback was Mark Andrews. Also a tight end. A tight end is a young quarterbacks best friend. And there are a few reasons for this, but primarily It's that you don't have to wait is long. For a play to develop for a tight end. Much shorter passes generally. And if a quarterback doesn't have to wait is long for the play to develop, then He doesn't have to think a cz much You could just react CIA guy throw it to him. So that's beneficial for young quarterback and then also, if you have a good tight end Your tight end is a physical mismatch. On anybody. Too big for a safety too quick for a linebacker. The Broncos have somebody that presents those kind of matchup problems from a physical standpoint in no offense. And in the first half, he was really good. And then in the second half He disappeared. Unofficially, one target. The entire second half. So what possible reason could there be? Forn turning Noah Fant into a decoy. Basically In the second half. Here's Ah Big Fangio. On that subject. Clip number three, please. Well, we had a couple three and outs there. Which you know if you get three and outs you're Not many people are going to get many targets with was a big problem, So I probably a product of that more than anything else. Um I'm just I'm going to throw this out. It might be I mean for Sometimes I get I get Accused of participating in hot Take Caree. That I say things counter to conventional wisdom and order. Tio engage my audience. And gain more of an audience. And I fully admit, before I say what I'm about to say. That this could be Ah, hot. Take But perhaps Vic Fangio and Pat Shurmur. To think about throwing it to Noah Fant on first or second down. I mean, you're leading receiver. In the first half again. I have coach no level of football. I am not an expert on the great game. I have not spent 30 years. In the NFL like Vic Fangio. I have not been the head coach. Of an NFL team like Pat Shurmur has, but I feel like If you say you had a lot of three an ounce And that is the reason why you could not get no a phantom or involved in the second half. Maybe. Just maybe..

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