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What does that mean is that race. I it it it did. Make sense to me Then i do believe james was low low sensitive about it but i mean you're poking at something you poke another part of his game that just really doesn't had i don't know i'm not a basketball expert but doesn't i don't think that does or does not lead to wins so i mean see if that means anything was taking too much time off the shot clock or too much time of possession or maybe you're not passing early enough it go but i don't think that that's james harden right now either. I think james harden we've seen in brooklyn is a little bit different than that when we saw in houston where he was driven. Enjoy during the ball. He is moving the ball around a lot and he has gained a high level of assist out there as well. I a man he he took it personally. He said he said it's piece about it. But you know. I think they both have you know little some of catching up to do. As far as what. They're talking about agreed all right. Good show guys. Great show This your first time. Listen to podcast. Please subscribe you can do on any major podcast platform. Check us out at t be as well. Check us out on youtube. Also we have some great takes. They're also chris going to bring a take take about deck prescott. We'll see how that sounds Check us out on twitter. Check us out on instagram. Got some great postal instagram. Always things so this this check us out this check us out all the time because our website as well new channels sports that net. We got some really good articles there for you to check out Hope you enjoyed the show until next time we are. Thanks for listening to the new channel. Sports podcast if you like to show feel free to leave a comment and a five star rating. Your support is very much appreciated. Also get to subscribe on apple podcasts. Stitcher pod four on our website new janelle sports dot net. Dad's new channel spelt n. u. channel sports dot net gotta sports related question for the crew. Just leave a voicemail on our website till next time. Have a good one and stay safe out there..

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