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Could go and spend the morning and I think it cost like a dollar or something. It's just crazy it's so cheap and they would be safe in an environment where they could interact with other people and you could go do something just for yourself and maybe that something needs taken a nap. I don't know but you use it for for your benefit. Check those things out. You got to take care of you. We are in the process of planning our very first biros. Caregivers retreat will will be held in October and the reason we're doing that. Is We know that forty percent of caregivers pass away before their individual with dementia. Why does that happen. The happens because we don't take care of ourselves. We don't go to the doctor. We don't take time to rest. We don't go for walks. We don't go to the gym and workout. We don't do anything to help out release relieve ourselves of anxiety and the tension in the depression that is building within us and to deal with the grief so let's be proactive. Let's get ahead of this as much as we can. In realize that we need it we need to rest in that. God called us to rest he made in our bodies to need that rest in our brains are going to work better when we take advantage of it. There's a television show called a wake in the people are awake for twenty four hours while they count quarters in the hopes of winning not only all the quarters they count but all the quarters. Everybody else counts in if they do it. They win a million dollars dollars well in order to do that. They have to do a whole bunch of activities that <hes> involve hand eye coordination and it is funny watching it. It's on Netflix or Hulu. I forget which one you should watch it in. It'll give you a very clear understanding of how hard it is for your brain to function when you're tired well. I hope that gives you something to think about. I'd like to thank our sponsor National Association veterans and families you can find them at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine. Intel them Carol sent you as you inquire about benefits for the veteran spouse of the bedroom.

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