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And welcome back to our final segment with Jeff Grupp as we talk about God faith. Let's go to Wayne in Tacoma, Washington, west of the Rockies. Hey, why? No, go ahead. Good evening, gentlemen. Georgia. Jeff, I can hear you're on the way to a great Christian apologist. Like raleigh's varieties, you're doing fantastic job tonight. And I thank you for that presentation giving. I know George earlier alluded to the world's problems. And why is the world the way it is falling in full, and we have to look at what the bible says, of course, the bible, clearly states that from the garden of Eden on me are in pole and world and the king and prince of that world is Satan. Or Lucifer the light giver. And I hear all these people talk about looking at the light and seeing the light and seeing light. So I'm a little leery of that myself. You know what I mean? But I just wanted to, again, say you're doing a fantastic presentation of God's word. And we gotta look you know, history tells us that the, the sad season, the Pharisees, you know what did Jesus say to them? He said, you are vipers in, and snakes, and other things you call them, and those are the religious leaders of the day today and, you know, basically, all religions of the world are the same. It's all do's and don'ts. Do my goods outweigh my bad. That's basically, what all religions and this is where Christianity differentiates from religions Christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship with God through his son. Jesus christ. Through faith by grace through Christ alone. Jeffrey. God bless you. Thank you, take your balls. Jeffrey. Yeah. Yeah, excellent, yeah. It's I agree that the, the whole point of our lives are to have our eyes fixed time. I'm Christ God all the time, then we have meaning than we have satisfaction than, than we have full nece and death. And I think what you're looking at. When you look at the world is the product of people who are not staring. At God, that's what I defined evil as I different than evil in the book, and I call evil taking her eyes off. Got I got a whole pile of versus I because it says in the bible guy, creates evil, then many places in the Old Testament. So you got to do something about that. What in the world is that all about? And, and there's an explanation for it, basically, meaning that God sustains the free will consciousness of angels and people and allows and he keeps them in existence while they free. Choose to look away from him. And I call that God's creation of evil which is so anyway. It's interesting issue. Let's go to Mira in Los Angeles mirror. Go ahead. Hi. Good evening. I just wanted to offer my understanding of existences suffering based upon the biblical text. Sure. And. Says in Genesis, after the fruit been. Lagarde said to hold a man become as one of us to no good evil. And now let's keep it for his hand and take all of the train of life and eat and the forever. So basically, you know, understand, like even God is not perfect. If you read the old test, like you'll see the he repents his anger here, Pensa, even making human beings. But if you look in Jona Joan, Joan accurate, pensive anger wanting to destroy the city when she sent you. So when I guess, when we think about suffering from Austin about this stuff during the flood, you know. If we think about the story of China was rest. How Richmond has his physical comforts? But in a lot is God just for what is heart. Well, you're right about that, though, that God is presented in the bible as angry in many cases, Jeff, don't you agree? We the attributes guide new presence in the one is wrath. And that has something to do with that, that humans are different than him, and that we have been in in. In other words, we violate the ways of being like God and that's the whole point that we're not worthy of being alive anymore since we're different than God. That's the whole point of, of the cross and so forth, which, but yeah, that's a lot of these things got his infinite. Creator. And a lot of this stuff is just beyond. I just gave a sermon called God is mystery and a lot of ways that's to approach God with this great sense of unknowing and realizing that he's just I mean, in a way that so therefore, we're a mystery also humans are mystery word if got infinite, where does image, we're infinite, too, but were smaller Finnity because you don't can't Tori mathematics, there's different levels of 0. I write about that in my book. So it's, it's good to think of I've got a great something beyond almost like a poem far beyond what we can comprehend. And that's that's good news. I think because when I then we can be absolutely humble in face of this incredible. You know, it's like, you know, this amazing openness that he represents, Stephen South Dakota. Let's get you hear Stephen. Go ahead. Hey, george. Thank you taking my call thing. I could talk for hours on God's purpose in my life. I believe that he is it is whatever ultimate being a pure unconditional love, and I have a higher power. I choose to call and God. He's kept me away, because I let him into my life. We see the horrific days we're having today. And I believe that man is basically elommal. And this animal has three choice has allowed us to have twice. Well, I believe that everything purpose, I believe that God doesn't make mistakes. Twelve. I sober birthday. Been sober forty one years. And I, I learned how to drop my math ensure the real me the one of those things that kept me in trouble. Was I I was unique. I was apart from everybody else might story tipping years. And so I stayed, you know in nineteen ninety one. Yeah. It'd be go to the state hospital here done yank, and I worked with south guards helpful. I did artists residence to three months, and I work with geriatric, mentally ill and the kids and maximum security people. And I learned that I really learned that keep a gift to give it away. And last thing I'll say is a destiny that made his brothers them locks is way alone. All the we send them to live come back into our. Thank you. George very welcome. You know, and this is an emotional thing for a lot of people Jeffrey, isn't it? Yeah. Really interesting calls tonight. Yeah. The, the whole thing of relationship with God is absolutely gut wrenching, because it's always interplay between the Missouri. Live in a lot of times we'll approach got is being invisible. Now, my opinion, the more were fixing our eyes on, I'm God. The more I live should be sort of this stream of miracles. Now, may some people are like oh, yeah. Right. The no is really the key. That's, that's my experience in my life. When I'm not distracted by the world. When I don't have my desires fixed on certain things, and when I am leaving sort of a state of poverty and, and nothing matters. But God meet me and my relationship with Christ. It is my life will flow from meal. I'm getting streams of information. I shouldn't have and miraculously things are happening. Seeing things that I didn't. You know, you only think in seeing in the bible or something then that's really how life is supposed to be. There was supposed to be continually getting implanted by supernatural power from moments moment. There's your life has meaning otherwise, it's meaningless Jeffrey in terms of living and dying. Are you ready to dine? This being I know a lot of people georgia'll say they're not. And it's like yeah. Right. But I'm genuinely looking forward to die. And I said that I was praying with an inmate in the jail the other day. And I was like, say. But you're not in any rush. Right. I'd like I. Well, I want my kids to be taken care of and my wife to be here. You can care of. And so there's that issue. But other than that, no, I'm ready to go right now. Are you really? Yeah. Ready mean prepared or you want to I want to I want to die, I prefer to be like Philippians one twenty one for me to live is Christ into dies game. That's what Paul said, there's many versus throughout the bible death whereas thing because we really believe this really experienced guide you see the world is, is one way, and then what's beyond into the source of the world is absolutely different. And you want that not the world. All right. Once again, tell us where people can get the new book, God faith. Oh, it's on Amazon. If you go to my website, praising love dot net you'll see indications for it all over there. You can buy directly from my sight as well. You get it a little bit faster. It's, it's not quite out, yet, an Amazon. We'll be a couple of weeks. Do you sign them if they get them through your site to if they want a little? That makes it worthwhile. Okay. Super Jeff, thanks for being on the program. Really appreciate it. Thank you. Take care. And there's no question. There's something out there. There's a higher power. This isn't a fluke. It's not random. It's not an accident. There's no accident. And then I have known people who have been in situations where they have prayed, and whether it was to an angel or God, or whatever you wanna call it in some remarkable miraculously things have happened. Well, let's our first Sunday and as we always do as a tradition. I always liked the show with something someone emotional, and for people who keep writing me going, what's the name of the group disturbed and the song, of course, based on what Simon and Garfunkel said they like the way this one is done. So listen..

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