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We passed eleven hundred seventy two bills on the house side session. Double what we typically pass about half of them made it in the law through the senate so that darn it was remarkably. I know like. I said half so is remarkably productive time i loved it. I enjoyed it. He obviously drove me nuts. Sometimes with just the things he does but nevertheless it was a remarkably productive time and so it was basically you went from loyal opposition power-sharing with obama to executing in unified government with trump and the in a little more hands on in the executive branch the legislative branch typically would because of the nature of his presidency. Yeah that's a great lesson leadership right there and that you knew you knew your audience. And he found a way to communicate. And that's i failed power points with him before. I really don't do that so i just did. A gantt chart and he's like. Oh yeah we use these great. So i want to switch to some policy issues that we're talking about here at the bush today. One of our panels was just talking about an issue of key issues of globalization and economic opportunity. In sort of the the the pros and cons. We see where we know that trade is good for our country but it can impact communities and very significant ways where they don't see the benefits of trade and your everybody knows. You're from janesville. Wisconsin in janesville has gone through. Its own transition. come out. The other side largely talk about that. Tell that story of what's going on. Yeah i mean. I think i think there are those who would like to come up with a quick answer. Maybe for scapegoat reasons or ovaries. It's it's just the inter. Unfortunately it's complicated. Trade is a part of it. But it's really more technology technology janesville. I grew up in in a gm town. Half my high school buddies went to work there. Most my friend's dad's worked there the day. The plant shutdown remember rick wagoner calls me in my kitchen. I'm looking at my back window. Two of my neighbors. That i'm looking at works there and i was looking into their kitchen windows a so it. It really really affected our town in the early days when they had seven thousand people. There was people doing everything then. Robotics came in went down to like twenty five hundred p. Three thousand people so technology that wasn't trade. They still made the same stuff it was. You went from seven thousand. Three thousand workforce because of robots. So there's that and then frankly in this particular case trade wasn't the issue is four dollars gas it was it was gasoline of time and suburbans tahoes or what we made and they also make here in arlington texas and that arlington plant was fairly new and ours was eighty five years old and they consolidated into one.

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