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Heroes like the indiana jones of it. All where nobody's going to take a manatee seriously as a mercenary. That's like if you did. A fucking rambo reboot dead serious. Cast james corden. That's why they're so good. It'd be mercenaries is the nobody expects them ever. Iv james corden probably has killed before probably vanity. Oh no the heart of a fucking villain javard. And then you're going to see is like the heart of a manatee like in a home in his home his poor wife put manatee tying bandanna around their head run because shits about to go down. Also have you ever see james corden coming because he's probably gonna do that. Weird thrust in your face that he did at that car the dead. It's not even about your personal safety. It's just wanna be around james corden. I really don't also james corden wife and you're listening to this. Let us know if you need. Help blinked twice. How we will be there. This is a cause that i truly believe then. We ended up hiring the manatee to help us break out James corden wife. Okay see now. This movie is taken shape. This good you. And i come up with some really great movie plans. And this is a good line. Kevin smith aquatic creature based horror. Films are about to get a big old knock in the door from our manatee. And he's like no. James gordon is in yours way scary. Waste carrier brought up my vendetta against james corden on his podcast. Before i don't really. Yeah well fuck james. Corden okay cool. He's the worst. I think that everyone is finally realizing that. They're like karaoke. Carpool or whatever. Blinders are often. Now everyone's seeing him for what he really is. It's so funny that people were going after aquafina for black scents and stuff Recently when chengchi trailers started coming out which also not my place to make any kind of statements on. that's as as a human version of manatee. I don't think i'm the person that's really going to have some insights there as the whitest people you've ever met but one thing i can speak to at least to a little bit is the fact that james corden has been playing the gay carter straight man for his entire fucking and the fuck bro. Yeah pretty much. Save some gay for the rest of us really. I mean yes. Basically the moral of the story is james. Corden stop playing gay. Aquafina stop doing black sand and then we can all just move on. James gordon is doing gay to the level of like i pronounce you. Chuck and larry did which was offensive. When it came out. Now you watch it now and it should. They should visit now now. There's one person like my favorite movie. Is i now pronounce you chuck. And larry. someone did without any irony. Tell me the other day. They shall not be named that. Their comfort movie is white chicks. So and i just had to not say anything due to the circumstances of the conversation and you and anyone listening. Who's ever heard the show before knows how hard that was for me to just be like cool no and then screaming and biting my tongue and bleeding out on the floor and like almost passing away. One of the ways brothers. Which by the way they're plural is way in. I is a gaggle of wayans together. That's horrifying terrifying. There's eighty two of them. I now one of them was talking about white chicks. And how there's an inevitable sequel that's coming out and it's going to be good for the country or something gone no definitely not going to be good for the country. I feel like konya. West is going to produce it. That's my guest for the white chicks reboot but he's going to produce it and they're like sweet. We got some decent cash. And then he's going to insist that he just like dry humps..

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