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Let's let's wrap up with a couple quick kids on onto of your other clients how thomas bryant and he was off to such a nice start last season before the injury tougher tougher. The wizards clearly impacted their season greatly. Where where do things stand with him. just in terms of his health and his outlook for the season is right on par where he should be Obviously howard entry. Follow guys. I have acl injuries. They usually come back stronger. Not only with the organization has supported. Tommy sheppard management but i've complimented In his rehab. With doc. Know andy barr. Who's one of the best of the best work with kevin durant with his achilles rehab. Paul george with his ankle is one of the best in the business. So i think to be honest with you. Our the injury is going to be a blessing the skies thomas one because again that news gonna come back stronger from his rehab and just the way that these procedures are dining at dr all check do at hss in new york but also and you know this. I'm really into the sports science and health of my clients because he was a you know because of the injury we're able to address some other things biomechanically that was going on with his body. I think thomas is gonna come back and be even more athletic And and be able to run the floor even better and And even will be able to prevent even any further injuries to his body. So here's a guy that just turned twenty four years old shot over forty percent from three had an exceptional bubble And start off the season. Great i think with all the moves that the wizards of made in him coming back in healthy he's set up to have a phenomenal year and have a phenomenal Outcome and free agency next summer. Of course in the meantime they kind of loaded up at his position they caught mantras heroin. That in that book deal. Daniel gifford was a revelation for them so little little competition. I assume yes is advocate. You'll you'll say yeah no sweat for us. He's he's going to be the star and he's howard. I'm big on staying controlling the things that are in your right and in this business. It's very i think is still a simple business business a basketball so for my guys. I tell him have game. Don't don't sit here. Look at the things that are out of your control. The depth say you know what these are guys. That are can actually help our team win. Help our team make it to the playoffs. And i'm gonna come in and just have more game than them. We have more game than the respirators itself out because the pressures now on on the on west unsold in this case new head coach and management because his talents going to be their top. Thomas is talent isn't going anywhere And like i said he's gonna come back healthier and stronger and it's for him to go in there and just compete. The rest will take care of itself but it's no sense in worrying about things that are outside of his control or arkansas when his focus should be on getting healthy in coming back better than before which is the perfect segue for for the last thing. Here your your other clients. Most prominent perhaps client pascal siaka..

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