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Ten twenty. Katie the voice of Pittsburgh. I recognize that tone from being a little kid when people talking about religion, and they're talking down to you. You're not really selling your your point. And that that time was in the conversation. You'll figure it out one day one day you'll understand. And if one day understanding leads me to have that tone. I'm less interested in the understanding. I like the two commandments that you put at the end of your your Email love God above all else. And love your fellow man. Even your enemies. He also said forgive Justice in human law is not prohibited. Just war is not prohibited. But only God has the final Justice. Well, if it's not prohibited were being left to our own devices to sort it out. It sounds like. Sounds like. But when you when when you get that tone of you'll understand one day or if you were a true Christian. I'm a bootleg Christian Christian maiden Bangladesh. Eight six six three nine one ten twenty academic Christian. That was forged in the fiery pulpit of Valdosta. Southern Baptist church and tests cumby Alabama. The pious scale just blew up Matt and south hills. Thank you waiting on me. Matt you're on Katie. Hi, how you doing tonight? I'm doing doing doing just wonderful. I appreciate you asking. I'm a I'm a Christian born in the pit the Pittsburgh. Okay. Hey, I'm out there cleaning up today. I ball until a lot of my time trying to clean up Pittsburgh a little bit. And I was hoping to make an impression on people. Not the litter before I make my comments on our. All right. Well, people clean up after yourself. Yeah. A little bit of karma involved. There. Did I am a firm? I didn't even know what karma was. And I believed in it the old saying, and I heard it when I was a kid what goes around comes around. That's the that's the redneck phrasing for karma. You know, what's done? What's done for the what's done in the dark will come to the light? That's the Johnny cash version of it. But it's the same thing. Good. Citizens of Pittsburg Ambrish beaver county bridge. Okay. Yes, sir. You may not come in the way, I come in town like for tunnels. There's a huge load of garbage outside of the tunnel. I cleaned it all up today. Okay. Then can coming in on the north side on Ohio St. I clean that up here today to and I just like five years bags of garbage like three thousand pieces of garbage. Okay. So they're trying to maybe rectify some of the sends out there. And maybe now. JJ? Now, let me ask you you're cleaning for other people sands or you're cleaning for your own penance. Maybe a little. There you go. Version of a hair dude at your hair shirt. We all do that. Right. Yeah. I have a website out there. I won't mention it. Now, what did you call the talk about Alex Jones? Or did you bring that up to? I think Alex is getting a bum steer because I see him more as a reporter and a journalist, and I think he's been short shifted youth. Why why do you see him as a reporter any journalist? What's he reporting on? What's he what's biting journalism major his broken a lot of major stories like the Bahamian grove? He's the first one to get in there and get in what? Now, what you're saying is incorrect what you're saying. Absolutely incorrect. The only story he broke was the story that didn't exist. Not only. Did it not exist? The pizza gate story that he is a middle of a court battle for right now. If you're gonna call somebody at journalists ask them how they reported on a basement pizzas parlor child. Pedophilia ring and the place didn't have a basement. That's not reporting. It's not and. He said himself in defense in the lawsuit in in the court proceedings going on right now he said, he's not a reporter. He called himself a performance artist. But if you're a reporter, if you're a journalist, and you're most famous story that you broke is a story that not only didn't happen, but was not possible to happen. All you need to do is look at a set of blueprints. You're not a very good reporter. He's not he has set himself. He's not. I'm not. If you're sitting and listening to me. Thinking that I'm getting all of the news. And it's completely down the middle. When you you're not. That's not what this is the control of the news is a big deal. And that's why I don't I don't like Alex Jones getting banned from anything evaluate Jones said something that's against the law to say. Standing on a street corner. Then okay. But if Alex Jones, and like, I said, I don't know this show somebody sent me a clip of him screaming, and I watched enough of the clip to count Yam, and you're making me twitch good. He should have the right to do that. If he's inciting violence like you. Remember, the pizza gate story, your member the side story that came out of that the trial a lot boom DA that showed up at the pizza place with a rifle to liberate those kids in the basement where there wasn't even a basement. That's different. When you. Straight up. Lie about other people. That's different. When you put people's personal addresses out to get minions to go caused them problems. That's different. But just being on the internet. I can like a dummy or acting twitchy or acting whatever. That on its own merit. Let him be if the internet's going to be open. Then let it be all all open. All of it as long as it's not breaking a law now. All right. The important part of this. I don't want. It's not going to have a hill of beans affecting my life. I'm not looking at my app or my app store app. What's wrong with our life right there? What are you doing looking at my app store app? Okay. That's too redundant move on. I wasn't going to get an Alex Jones at their info wars app, or whatever it is. So what? But there might be one somewhere down the road that I would wanna get and when you have government officials, and this is this is the part where it. Big picture important. This is the part where it could affect all of us. Not just if you like or don't like this one Alex Jones guy when the government is sitting down with the people that run these companies and these platforms and hooting and hollering about you're not letting one side be seen as much as the other side. I don't care which side it is when people in charge say you're not letting once I'd be heard as much as the other side. Well, that means there's going to be adjustments attempted. And that's no good in any way, shape or form. If you wanna maintain that whole context of the internet's open and everybody can say what they want. President said it a few weeks ago a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was brilliant. The internet should be the internet, and you got to sort it out. To stupidity. Lazy to sort it out? We deserve. We you know, we're going to get what we deserve. Nick from Butler sent me an Email. Jesus also said on his sermon on the mount that he came to fulfil not changed along. Eye for an eye still applies guess, plus I guess we can toss out those ten commandments. Then. I didn't say that. If somebody stabbed me, I would want to stab them back said if somebody stabbed me, I would want them locked up. And if it wonder if it helps somebody else from not getting stabbed on down the road. Okay. That's a win. Here's an Email from Sean Eddy. Most Americans have become lazy puppets. For a few simple reasons. Some recent polls show that up to seventy percent of US citizens are constitutionally inept, they can't name the three branches of government. So whatever gets reported or told to them they think it's a violation of somebody's rights somewhere. Many of these people believe in the democratic agenda, which is socialism actually works in spite of its failing everywhere. It's been practiced even in California a disregard for the Bill of rights, especially the second amendment as much control over your personal life from a healthcare to banking. You name it they want it. Here's an example of democratic thinking. Instead of our favorite Nike spokesman playing Canadian football for a while to get his name and reputation back. He chose to be a victim. Everywhere. Everything we've talked about comes down to your freedom to make the best life. You can for yourself or have a socialistic government. Do the opposite. Some heavy stuff. Sean. I don't think it's all one or the other. I don't think I either have to decide socialism or I'm gonna do the best for myself. I think there's an easy way to separate and give you somebody on the other side of the fence to be screaming at. But that whole self victimization thing, I see people do that every day. I didn't get the impression Colin Kaepernick did that. If you have a job somewhere, and then you don't and it's performance based then you go, and you work on your chops to come back even Ottawa rough rider for a year, or whatever. But in the case of Colin Kaepernick it wasn't about. Performance his performance. Didn't didn't really change? It was about having a job to not having a job in the only difference was the political side of it. And I understand the the. If you're a team, and this is true of anyone if you're a bigger pain in the neck. Then you're worth to any organization. You ain't gonna be around. I may be back after this Katie k radio. Mental health issues affect one in five adults in a given year. That's over forty million Americans. So on Sunday September ninth..

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