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Of shrimp with KADO and seasoning. And it's for twenty four ninety nine and I just sold one this morning. So that orders are coming in. And I would love for you to come by my desk this afternoon. I would love to take care of you and goes through the book with you. We have everything's from sliders to sandwiches. And what we brought you today we have prime rib if you go high, end and my goodness. Brought all kinds of things into the station that Jay ram pen. I mean, you name it. We can provide it for you one of the things that I discovered the day I met Jeremy and the store and I was back. Mike ogling, the Dungeness crabs in the oh, the the Tomahawk steaks with a giant bone that looked like her off of a Brontosaurus or something and they're just good. And everything else that was in that meat and seafood cater to any pallet. I went there today, and there's octopus sitting really, okay, good. I like that. We have a whole octopus you can buy. All right. Yes. And if you wanna cut up, they'll do that for you. And season it for you. It's all pretty darn cool. Well, one of the things that I learned to love that day that I met Jeremy and was back. There was this wonderful smoked salmon. It's almost like salmon jerky, and you do this in the store as I understand, isn't it. Right. You're absolutely right. It's it's heavy jerky meets dessert. It really is. It's a desert solid topping a snack. Whatever you want it to be. But we do them in house there salmon bites and we marinate those in house, and then we smoke them. And then we marinate them again and we smoke them. And then we marinate them one more time, and we smoke them one more time, and they are absolutely delicious. We've got three different flavors on those. And they're they're an excellent snack. Put him on top of your salad. You know for any event put them out with some toothpicks. They're delicious savory and sweet. If you had a heat I'm cherry Habanero. That's my favorite, and it's wonderful on the palate. Yeah. And then there's a slightly sweeter one, which is the mango wangle pineap-. Yes. Okay. I bet loads of people would like that. I'm not quite as big on super sweet. And then there was an an apple one too. I haven't actually tasted yet it sitting here. It's under my sandwich here on the table of now. Jay Leno knows about it might disappear. I'm going to have to keep my eye on him as well. As my guests. Oh, there's plenty out there, Gino, or at least there was when we started. We do have kind of a, you know, a horrid of of hungry people out there. So anything for Super Bowl is our stuffed mushrooms caps that we brought you Sam. Senate and parmesan mushroom vegetable vegetable one for vegetarians, and then there's also the sausage one and they're both equally delicious, although some awfully good. Oh, darn I always say every week that I get so hungry doing this. I've got to run out. I'm going to have to do that. But I also I'm so happy that you brought things for us to eat. We're gonna take another break your quickly, folks. And we'll be right back. You're listening to heating up. I'm sure I'll alters Jameson. Hope you're having a great Saturday afternoon. Beautiful blue sky weather here in Santa Fe, and oh, I'm so glad we miss the worst of that polar stuff. Oh, it is a beautiful day out around here. I have the folks our market street store here with me, we're talking about all the goodies. And things that.

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