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The people are angry and deeply angry at all of the elites be they in the house of representatives or the media or academia or the corporate board rooms the population is angry. It's about the take matters into its own hands. I would say in terms of the option of World War on the weaponize dollar front the United States caused the arrest. They top official of China's biggest electron IX firm, and there's been a tit-for-tat what's the level of conflict here. I think it's a high level of conflict. And I think that that is going to have to be resolved quickly. Indeed, China is a major competitor are the two economies about the same size at this point. And certainly by twenty twenty. Twenty twenty one of their bouts China would be the largest economy in the world. But you know, that to me that's not tell the whole story because a lot of popular unrest. That is weeping the west your American world, China's not exempt from noise India, I think that with booking at an end to the Neo liberal world order China cannot be champion without already upon its own people. And then, of course, the normal process of levelling, which comes as a result of number recession. We've been ten years in this current cycle. And I think is coming to an end. But here we have as I think our team reported a hundred and eighty seven trillion dollars of debt in the world. Even though how you get your head around that or how you manage that. Or what that means in the midst of? A recession will that debt? Bring the global financial system down in the way was almost brought down and twenty eight that cigarette result twice as much as the world gross product. That is the value of the all the goods and services made by all the people of the earth. That's right. The eight trillion dollars or so that is the wealth the measure of the wealth income and other things in the global economy is less than one half of what the debt is. Now. Of course, that is a measure this debt is a measure of the power of the financial oligarchy this one tenth of one percent of the human population who control almost everything. Yes. That is the way that we should see it. These are seized SNL or assets that the financial class has. Claims on. That's right. And, you know, something I don't know that the world system, and it's modern it ration- has ever experienced the type of contradictions that we have in the world today, and to put it another way the crisis is comprehensive and total. It is affecting every area of human life, especially in the west, and it's not just economic. It's social it's civilizational. It is a fact ING the human personality the psychology of individuals. This is a total crisis. And ultimately, it can only be resolved through a change of systems. Now will that occur? It. It's hard to say could we enter into eight prolong dark ages. Yes, very probably could. Could it be something similar to seventeen eighty nine in France where popular uprising overthrew the old regime, and then political parties emerged out of that popular uprising rather than what some of us always thought that the popular masses would be led to revolutionary change by a vanguard that was probably romanticizing of the Russian revolution. But certainly the popular masses are not going to go back home anytime soon, they have glimpsed something of their potential power. And I think they're gonna look for most people ways to use it against the elites and their class and race enemies. Just looking at the debt situation, we see a scenario where a financial class, which became even more consolidated during.

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