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They built the double digit we in the first half run. Go as well. But his impact was immediate. How'd you think he looked out there? You were there in person. He looks like rob. He really does. Throwing down a lob, making the rotations defensively. He got inside on Bruce Brown once on a, you know, one of those short row attempts by Brown, this is the play where Blake kind of dropped the ball and Brown ran it back for a dunk. That was robbed in my opinion. Fill in the lane and being an intimidating presence in there against ground. Now offensively, I think it's gonna take a little while because timing and verticality and those sort of things are what get him buckets. And that's all off right now just from being out for so long. But in terms of just being a presence and a defensive force, I thought he was right back to who he was. It's limited, John. It's a very all you wanted to see was him play and not look scared and be able to move. Everything else was gravy. You're building towards something big. Give me those digits. What's up? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll see you later. Y'all have no idea about Joe sway's game y'all. And I'm gonna just leave it right there. By the way. Speak on this, right? So you really don't want me to do that, Joe. Where's the Joe sway banner? You just make, you just pan that camera to your left or yeah, you're left. I thought I'm using myself, but I guess I know, hey, all right, yeah. So I got a bunch of girls. Hey, ladies, just keep it down. Show us almost over. I guess we're going on over here. And my girls had like 3%. So I got here just in time, and then. And the show, Joseph. 7 guys, 7 guys, he was in a nut with. Those are Jimmy's girls. Keep it down. So rob looked good. I'm still a story of the game. The story of everything for me is the absolute destruction of the nets. And watching KD and I mean barring, you know, game one with Irving, but watching Kyrie and KD absolutely shit the bed on such a big stage here is so surprising and so interesting. They might get blown out, John in game four. Bailout, we don't want to go to Boston. If the shots don't fall early, they're done. They're done. They're going to pack it up. Tells me they're going to fight for a and you know what? Do you guys think there's any chance Simmons plays? They should just play Simmons. No. Punishment for Simmons. Durant. Durant should sit in a clown suit and let Simmons play 40 minutes tomorrow on Monday. I mean, that's not what happened. I wonder if simmonds, I mean, is he even stood up for this team next year? I don't know what, I don't even want to talk about him. I don't waste anywhere breathing. Oh yeah, you said that like a half hour ago too. I don't want him to talk. We've wasted a year. This probably ends on Monday. We'll be back here and then we'll have a little break. You know, after that, so again, thanks for joining us. We dug it. We're back in two days. There's no more three days off here for that game. And that might be it. It might be a little break after that. So anybody predicting this series.

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