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In nineteen thirty two when Bonnie would leave cement city for good Bonnie's mother, Emma still disapproved of CLYDE and was disappointed to see her daughter back with him bunny loved her mother, very much and didn't want to hurt her. So she told Emma, she had gotten. A cosmetic sales job in Houston and would be going there to start work in reality. She was going to Houston to start her life on the run with CLYDE and the barrow gang. The thing that most attracted Bonnie to this life was the adventure of it all. She'd spent her life wanting to be somebody and being able to travel the country with her boyfriend as his gang committed crimes may have been the exact kind of excitement. She was looking for psychologists, Marvin Zuckerman is one of the pioneers in studying risk taking behavior. He's profiled the personality type of high sensation seeking personality. These types of people tend to be uninhibited, impulsive social, and they enjoy high stimulus activities. They need to live risky lives in relationships. These types of people are usually attracted to those who lead offbeat or free spirited lives since -ation seeking perso-. Analogies are also more likely to smoke drink alcohol and use drugs, all vices that Bonnie would become dependent on in her early twenties. So what happened next with the barrow gang since CLYDE had such a difficult time on east ham prison farm. The first thing he wanted to do after Bonnie joined. The gang was break his friends scally out of their bunnies role in this crime wasn't that active. She basically drove alone to the prison to deliver plans to scally on how they would break him out. Then CLYDE and his gang made plans with nearby friends to get him out of jail. This was on April seventeenth nineteen. Thirty two, Bonnie was able to drive into the jail without suspicion because she was a woman and in nineteen thirty to the public perception of women was still that they were weak meek and usually housewives or loving mothers. But even for a woman, she was unassuming. She was still owned. Twenty one years old and she was roughly four foot ten inches and ninety pounds. She had copper colored hair and wore makeup dresses and heels. She was also known as a charmer. So even if the guards had suspected her, she probably would have charmed her way past them. Bonnie proved to be a great addition to the gang in that sense, knowing Bonnie she would've loved the attention on April nineteenth, they headed to Tyler Texas to steal some cars bunny and CLYDE road with a gang member named Fulton Fulton said that bunny was quote, articulate, thoughtful, and witty and quote, and they instantly became friends in Tyler. Bonnie stood watch as CLYDE HotWired, Chrysler and Foltz stole a Buick on the way back from Tyler Foltz wanted to stop in town called Kaufman to steal guns and ammunition. The barrow gang scoped out the hardware store. But a night watchman, spotted their stolen cars and thought they were suspicious CLYDE liked to steal the fanciest most expensive cars, which would get the gang in trouble more than once the night watchman approached the gang and CLYDE shot at him. He shot back and CLYDE and Foltz drove their respective cars away. They sped through tone to head back toward Dallas, but they were met with a roadblock. The instantly turned the other way and thought they'd gotten away. But they found themselves on muddy road that was impassable in their large cars, CLYDE Foltz, and Bonnie tried to push the cars out of the mud, but they were stuck Bonnie who naturally wore high heels and hated the outdoors was probably miserable. But she kept up with CLYDE and Foltz easily unable to free the cars, the gang went to a farm and asked for some mules. They rode the mules to a nearby town where CLYDE. HotWired a car, not long after they started off though the car ran out of gas, the gang was still being pursued by the authorities. So they escaped on foot into the woods. However, the police soon caught up with them CLYDE knew they wouldn't all escape and he was a wanted man. So he left Bonnie and Foltz lying in a creek bed and ran away. He told them he'd come back for them. He never did Bonnie and Foltz were arrested. It looked like Bondi's adventure had come to an end just three months after it started.

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