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Red flag alerts posted in California again with triple digit temperatures and dry whipping winds Returning. That combo has fueled some of the largest fires up and down the state this season and now California is gearing up for a legal battle over federal money after present. Trump denied an application for a major disaster declaration. ABC is Alex Stone is in Los Angeles. You know, Tweet Governor Gavin Newsom simply says. We will appeal this. There was surprise here in California when President Trump denied the state a major disaster declaration for the wildfires that have been ravaging California. The state says it absolutely qualifies and his beginning the appeals process. Health experts are waving the warning flag for Americans. Corona virus case is increasing in more than 30 States infections now hitting eight million in the U. S, a close ally of President Trump's is also talking about his Corona virus scare. Miss Christie said he let down his guard when he attended a White House event and help prepare the president for a debate. I was led to believe that you know all the people that I was interacting with at the White House. Have been tested, and it gave you a false sense of security and it was a mistake. Until then, Christy told ABC News. He had been careful. I let my guard down for a couple of days inside the White House grounds. And it cost me in a in a significant way. The former governor and ABC news contributor was in the I C U and now advocates wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. Aaron Carter. SKI ABC NEWS New YORK One state is welcoming Tourists back flights resumed yesterday to Hawaii has lifted a two week quarantine restrictions for travelers who now get a cove. It test within 48 to 72 hours of a flying, It's critically important for the economy of our state. We start tourism, which is really the economic engine of our state V. Manus is with Hawaiian Airlines in France just outside Paris. Police say a terror suspect armed with a knife is dead after being shot by police. They say the man killed a teacher who referenced to Charlie Hebdo cartoon in class. You're listening to ABC news from California's Capital.

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