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That was a fantastic performers for Alan as well. The cross he made for Silva it could have shot there himself great cross for him and then of course the three nil that he made, but if I may just add two to buy a Munich Allen Holland will laugh tonight because he has seen by amino so much better. Can you imagine you fire an August month to win the treble and then Allen Holland is bullying them and they're out of two competitions. They're out of the cup and they're out to the Champions League night and I gotta tell you and if you see the records now for mailing pro hold on he's just sensational his season and you're talking about vintage Craig, maybe we should stop these things saying that Manchester City is getting weaker with Ellen proudhon. That is the dumbest and most stupid quote that I know in football nowadays. Ali, you pick Manchester City. Yeah. And you did to almost kind of regretfully because you watched so much Bundesliga and Bayern Munich, you didn't expect it to go down like this though. No. And man, I just say that in the first half, it was fairly even. It was a little bit of back and forth. It was Manchester City. You have 5 minutes by a minute. You have 5 minutes. They were exchanging the possession of the ball. They were exchanging the opportunities in the attack. There were moments in which Biden Munich calls some missions from Manchester City. Let's not forget the sliding challenge by ruin Diaz on the shot that Jamal musalla text had been a really good play down the left hand side from Leroy sane, comes back to Musa musala now has a free shot on go. Hey, there's something he's already leaning. He's not coming back to the near post. It doesn't make that challenge. He's one of the Munich, perhaps we have a different conversation. What was really surprising from Bayern Munich's perspective is how quickly and how steep the drop of was, once they gave up that second goal. And that amount of insecurity that we saw from the who you may have thought coming into the match, hey, fresh didn't play on the weekend because he was suspended against driver. He's going to be one of the important players coming back into this starting line. And he's going to help Bayern Munich defensively, there was fear. There was fear from by McDonald and I will say that after the second goal, Bayern Munich looked fearful as a whole. And mantis a city where able to not only feel this smell this, but say, you know what? We can get after biomining. Now they've renounced to the attack. Now they're just reacting to whatever we're doing. It was all meant to Manchester City all the time, pose that second goal. And again, I'll go back to something that I just mentioned. It was surprising to see a team of the quality V experience and the know how of Bayern Munich to be as vulnerable and fearful as they were after the second goal. This was a very attacking lineup with those four players. Pace and mention movement, but it lacked a focal point. No two promoting and go back to the Jan's point. We talk about Ellen Holland, clearly. And

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