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He is a vertical route runner. He's not, this is not Julian Edelman, this is not Wes Welker, right? This is somebody that gets up the field. He can get up the field in a hurry. He's got really good initial burst off the line of scrimmage to threaten defensive backs, but he's also very, very clean at the top of the route and probably the best route break receiver in this entire draft is in terms of the limited wasted movement at the top of the route, right? A lot of these other guys takes you couple steps to gather, break, plant, you know, do that sort of thing. A lot of it is in and out, right? I mean, he's really quick in and out of the break. We got to talk about trailing Burks though, because this guy, to me, is not Nikhil Harry, but I understand why a lot of fans that watch treylon Burks is highlights that go through some of his film or even read up on treylon Burke's, are going to say, this is exactly like Nikhil Harry. They'll concern that I have with that line of thinking is one. Birx is going to run in probably the fourth reasons, right? So he's quite a bit faster than Nikhil Harry was. Nikhil Harry is a mid four 5s guy. This is a four threes guy at two 25. He's a difference maker with the ball on his hands. The other thing I would mention is if you're so weary of not making the same mistake twice on Nikhil Harry, then that's how you missed on AJ Brown, right? Because Nikhil Harry and AJ Brown coming out, there wasn't a ton of difference in their profiles. The difference was that AJ Brown was a more explosive athlete. And that's how we ended up here. So I would just be aware of the fact that you could run into a position where all of a sudden you miss out on the next AJ Brown, or you miss out on the next debo Samuel because you're so concerned about not drafting the next Harry, if that makes sense. But see, I think something you said there kind of proves my point in that how similar Harry and Brown were coming out of the draft. It's that nature versus nurture thing. Like, this is a big thing in psychology. How do you study our change effects? People, you know, they try to find twins who grew up in separate environments to see okay. Well, you know, how is this going to work? It's almost like that, right? You kind of took the same player the same raw skill set and you put them into environments and what happened. You got to kill Harry, you got AJ Brown. It's not about when you say, you know, when we say, oh, and we're in treylon Burks would end up like tequila Harry. That doesn't really have to a lot to do with treylon Burks. It's more so we saw a player of this prototype in New England very recently, how did it turn out? I think if Burke's lands in the right spot, he'll be a fantastic NFL player. I really do. I like him as a player. I just don't think that spot is New England. I would rather see them and they may not have this choice. I highly doubt both of these guys are on the board of 21. I really don't think either it's going to be on the board of 21. But just for argument's sake, if they had to choose between the two, I would rather see them go with a guy like a lava because he's going to fit in more seamlessly. And we talked about this on the last show of it in terms of Wanda Robinson, right?.

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