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Right now this is all under this operation warp speed program, which is bananas usually take so long to get vaccines and this is just this effort by everybody in the medical apparatus to to shove things through it not just in the United States I'm. Talking about around the world, these people working together so far they've only released phased one results in they showed that this brought about an immune response, which is what they're going for in the Madeira case more than half of the participants had side effects but small stuff like fatigue and muscle pain at the injection site and that sort of strange feeling I feel good to go. Or muscle pain at the no I have to fill out a little diary every day though like I. Get an alert on my phone here. It says. It says time to fill out your diary Sean. And the diary asked me questions that I have to say yes to sometimes that maybe are not impacted by the vaccine here diary. Guess what? Today was a wild day I went to a feed park today I said today you know no no fever no fatigue no chills, and then they're like diarrhea like that's none of your business go right past that. You. Don't know from time to time but unlikely because my diet unlike yours with the healthy green and red stuff is just all still the toilet or do stuff and. Out same results. With it either way. So that's what they do. Every single daft to answer. One of those things in mind is is the Pfizer test and they said they have more than one vaccine candidate. They're in phase two of out of three of their trials which started this last week. That's the one that I'm involved with and Pfizer and bio n tech are the companies behind this. They hope to get regulatory review as early as October, which is pretty good and if they get emergency authorization from the FDA, they'll be a one hundred million doses by the end of the year, and then they prioritized those two people. I it would be frontline responders and it would be people with weakened immune systems but that would be this I. Bet you Kanye West gets a damn seen before a frontline respond I'm sure he's he's got the cash to make that happen. He's got his own. Fire. Department. Well, that's what I was saying according to the I was like I wonder if the doctor's doing these vaccine studies are like, don't mind if a do. Jab One of my arm here. See of this works The trial results so far are working out for them. They said a favorable unfavorable. Taller. Excuse me on it favor- favorable overall tolerability profile for the vaccine that just means it's not too bad with generally mild to moderate side effects that lasted one or two days fever fatigue chills and no serious adverse effects. So that's coming. After October possibly and then the last one is something called Novak's, which is a bio tech company out of Maryland they're beginning phase three trials next month that is working so far but very small only one, hundred, six people got the vaccine and a few had muscle pain and stuff like that. So there's so many different vaccines going on we're very likely I don't think a lot of people think about this. There won't necessarily be the vaccine for covid nineteen tax. He'll be a whole bunch of them feel Delgada choose. I mean, they'll. They'll be people that are putting out the research and saying you know this is the one you should take, and we prefer this one over that rain on and Yom. It may may even be a decision on people's parts like which one do I wanna do here sounds like a nightmare and then with Seila installed about Kanye west and maybe the rich people get a special vaccine the poor people yeah. third-place vaccines do have any radio listeners can hook us up. We got a contact now go I'll see what I can do I mean. I know people I know people visor kind of. I don't really know anybody Pfizer I only know people who are doing studies for visor Gotcha but maybe I'll see if they can know somebody that'll pull some strings and sell them on the side. So yeah, that's what's going on with all of the different vaccines right now they're in the process and we may see them as soon as a few months, which is excellent news. So that brings us to the stuff about the bars in mayor dyers comments yesterday now he sang he was misquoted. A bunch of the bar owners are coming out people are starting to react to this. So we'll get to that a little bit later on to this show maybe around noon or so to see what everybody's thinking about that there was some new TV that kicked off last night and I wanted to tell everybody something because it's important. There's something about your ear that could let you know if you're going to have a heart attack Oh boy and I don't want to hear it I'm GonNa. Regardless or not whether you want to hear we're GonNa Watch C.. See on facebook dot com slash the news junk going to have a heart attack defending. Argue this is going to tell us before we have the heart attack not wow. We're having a heart attack and everybody else who's everywhere across the world listening.

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