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If they have to if we don't have a financial panic if we don't have a crisis then you know life will just won the central bank security money though proper Bassa prices you'll see all all goes to the outside of that we still have a lot of problems of jobs and unemployment in the United States it's when the panic hits that the response is going to be different the last two times nineteen ninety eight and two thousand eight when everybody wanted to money back the central bank's printed the money and gave it to them the next time everybody's going to want their money back and you're not going to get it in a lock down the system so I'm not saying they're going to do that for fun I'm just saying they're getting ready to do it if they have to to put out the fire in a panic okay well ma'am but I I understand what you're going to have a phone I would think it would be fun in fact I would think would be so much the opposite of flown that there would be world wide variety for people that are gonna be very unhappy about the fact that they're basically just being told by all these different institutions that they have their money and Charlie you don't get it and so what's the game plan of dealing with the world population who is universal a and simultaneously out reach to the Max about basically being told you don't get your money back and this like not gonna happen for a long long time what we were going on doing just declaring global Marshall on they're gonna have to do something Jim because they'll be massive civil unrest yeah great question you're exactly right I also talked about this in my book the road to roll and I call these the money rights you know you had food riots and unfortunately no racial and ethnic rise sometimes time these are going to be the money right it's it's happening in India today you know what I I finished reading this book and last September we send it to the print version of his takes well the print and get boxes get out to the bookstores they came out November fifteenth there was a publication date little design when I finished writing the book that the day it came out money wise would be breaking out in India I predicted that in the in the books but X. as we said earlier they they took two popular forms of money you could think of is the equivalent of a five dollar bill in a ten dollar bill and they said they're illegal that's no longer money well people started losing supermarkets burning down banks you know all the ATMs went offline just to show how stupid it was okay I'll see if that policy but the president knew kind of money see it was kinda like you could bring in a ten and they would give you ten singles right yeah but the singles with the wrong size they didn't the printed them and they didn't fit the eight tails so now we go to go around and rip the guts of every ATM in India that's some messed up to six you're right that that the money what's will break out but then comes the response about by the way I'm of a big supporter the police I'm not anti cop but you know I know she knows the swat teams these guys you know they take steroids I guess she attends the god's kevlar night vision goggles helminths flash bang grenades armored personnel carriers I'm not talking about a hundred first airborne division talking about your local police force they will be deployed in a kind of neo fascist response because believe the only still go down without a fight if this kind of social unrest and money rides don't happen then you just put your money before you know what you mean there's going to come a point where our police in our military realize what's going on this is not what I would call you know looting of bank our war looting a business in burning down some cars because you're ticked off over candidate this is this is gonna be something else I I think that smarter heads will prevail and in some of these police officers will tell their buddies Hey these rioters are doing what we should be doing well George you're right there's a long history that said the immediate response function is yes send out the cops and send out the National Guard and break up the rest of their comes a time when that way you're exactly right now history as many examples of the military the police it was second whose son we on yeah we working for the elite paymaster is are we part of the people and then that as revolutionary potential so we're getting pretty far out there on the scale but you can see these things coming they could have done they could happen and what about Russia where does rushes sit with all this rush is a really interesting case for a couple reasons number one so you know we they invaded Crimea by the way that was a response to you know and my six and CI a were trying to get rid of the pro Russian prime minister now back I was not a nice guy he was a star again and a loser and all that but he was elected prime minister of Ukraine so they came up with a plan to get rid of him and and they did they start of violence in that we just we just have a rise to were rising Kievan demonstrations so he flees for his life right so this looks like a victory for the western NATO well pollutant comes and and he takes Crimea he says it's mine and then he starts interfering in eastern Ukraine and now you crane is effectively divided so we wanted to respond to that we did not one invade you know we have sent in the eighty second airborne and to serve us to pull so we throw on economic sanctions so we think this is kind of non genetic worker but we're back to my working scenario that we we talked about the beginning of the show well putting considers it an act of war which I think is correct when you're strangling some of the consummate that is an act of war he responses cyber warfare suite we got this whole cyber warfare going on with with Russia right now the rush isn't as this is an interesting case for so they know how to do a hardship president Obama and the West Valley city it will show the Russians will it will tell other corporations they cannot refinance their dollar denominated debt in European capital markets and will this general can't go to Jim hill will do all the sanctions of their within that the Russians hunkered down they just say you know test of us give me they they survived the Polian they survive Hitler they've survived a lot worse and their economy still standing too interesting things number one rushes practically debt free most of the rest of the world is drowning in debt Russia has very little sovereign debt relative to this economy and they're buying gold hand over fist they have tripled their gold reserves in the last seven years and even and two thousand fifteen early.

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