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He said that it took him like three hours to complete the first time but that after he played at once he could do it in about twenty minutes. He said he played intend to a lot. But that it was really his brother's game. He jokingly said that he has to get along with his little brother or his brother won't let them play. Kevin said he realized he was a little old for some of these video games but said they were at great challenge and a lot of fun. We took our time and walk back to the Moto. Tompkins ski went to prepare for the polygraph and Kevin. I began just talking about things in general I was working to have him very relaxed for the test. I ask Kevin if you felt pretty good about taking the polygraph and he did. We discussed again calling his mother and he repeated that he wanted to wait until after the polygraph. Kevin asked if we would be done after the polygraph. If we could talk a little and I said it was up to him and he asked if I could get some more pop and make sure that we had cigarettes so that we could take some time to talk after the test. He said he already missed his classes. And basically the whole day was spent and if we need to talk about that we could Kevin also said he'd like to talk awhile before he took the polygraph by now he was about ten. Am and we talk until about noon. During that time we discussed the incident again. We talked about how Kevin learned about the incident. And who is friends are? I asked who his best friend was and Kevin mentioned a letter. He was writing to John Hilliard. He explained that he was writing the letter but probably wouldn't send it because he expected to see him in a couple of weeks. He added that in the letter. He told John how well things are going at college. He also said he wrote about his roommate in his roommate's girlfriend. He said he wrote about her. Pda public displays of affection. Kevin added that she didn't really bother him but he just kind of jokingly said those kind of things because people expected to hear that from him. We then got to talking about computers. He said he had an apple computer at home. And it just learned to write in print on it but that was about all. He added that he had to give the computer to assist her. A ninth grader Shaker. Before he left to come down to Columbus I then asked him when he had come down to Columbus. He said he brought all of his stuff on the ninth of September. To try out for band. He said that he changed his mind about band left his stuff in the dormitory and went home. I asked him why he changed his mind and he said it was a lot of things. He said that he was nervous. About being away from home that most of the kids had been down there practicing for two weeks he added that bad also took a lot of time and was only worth two credits he also said he was never really into marching band that he enjoyed music but not marching. He seem nervous discussing band and change the subject. He mentioned a couple of girls that had come up to him in classes and talk to him. He added that they just came up to him and that he did not have to talk I. He went on to talk about how glad he was to be away from Shaker. Who's excited to have a whole new life and was glad to be away from the problems. He had schicker. He felt the kids Shaker. Were tough and related that he had a lot of friends but that they make him feel like an outcast I asked if he was referring to the G G C Kevin laughed and then talk about the girls and boys in about Prom night. He brought up the after Prom Party and told me that he has a tendency to build up his expectations and that he really felt angry. About what the girls did to him. He brought up Arabic and said that he basically hung out there the summer. I asked him how Dan Lisa fit in he described. Dan is best friend of his for a long time and that during the time that Lisa was in town he and dance a lot of time together. He went on to say that between Lisa being back in town and Dan being in the hospital that he really hadn't seen Dan much lately. I then ask Kevin what clothes he brought back from Columbus for his last week. Here I explained that we did not find any of his clothes when we wrote his house. He said all of his clothes were in the clothes. Shoot I told him the kids all remember him wearing one set of clothes he said most of the week. He wore a skateboarder t shirt. Blue Jeans and MOCCASINS. He said on the cool nights he wore a blue plaid flannel shirt. He added that matched what we knew and I said basically I thought from it and asked if he saw Dan the day Dan got out of the hospital. Kevin explained that even though he considered Dan best friend that he had not felt it important to try to get in touch with Dan or to talk to him the day that he got out. Kevin said he was aware that everybody at the high school was excited to see Dan and that Leeson Dan had been around together and at least it was very excited to see him. We talk next about tax. Ken Workman Kevin was in a very talkative mood. During this time period and I was basically listening and letting him talk around noon. Kevin said that he felt good that he was ready to take the polygraph. I left him in room. Five twenty. I told him that I did go to Tom. Geoghan Skis Room and talked to him about setting up for the test. At this time I learned that we had a problem and had to be out of the room by two PM. Jim Brochures had made arrangements for another room if needed also while heaven was waiting for me and five twenty. I Call Jim. Right from five sixteen. I discussed my concern that Kevin felt safe here and was prolonging the interview. I felt that Kevin did not want the interview to end. He felt the Kevin felt safe with me. We agree that we had to confront him and end. The interview. Arrangements were also made with Thompkins skied around the polygraph. And that if it came up clearing Kevin Young of any involvement that he should discuss that with Kevin and that if it came back with obvious deception that Tomkins ski should confront him with the deception and be prepared for the fact that Kevin might look like. He's about ready to admit. And that at that point that Tom Clancy should stop the confrontation and leave the room. And that Kevin thing for a few minutes until I return to the room to complete the confrontation I then went back and talk to Kevin and told him that either we had to be done by two PM or that. We had to move to another room. I gave him the option of taking the test. Right away or having lunch I while. Tom caskey changed rooms and set up his equipment in the other room. Kevin Thought Lunch sounded good and ask. We could go for Pizza. Specifically Pizza Hut. If there was one around I went to ask Thompkin Haski to change rooms and Kevin asked me to get some more coke and cigarettes in case we needed to talk. After the polygraph we again talked about calling home and Kevin said he wanted to wait until after the polygraph test. I saw Tom Jansky in return to the room. Kevin and I then walked to the front desk asked if there was a pizza hut and got directions to one nearby on high street. We agreed to split a pizza and Kevin ordered a medium Pepperoni Pan Pizza. We took our time and again talked about college and college life and being away from home and he talked about how it was scary. It was basically casual conversation. Kevin kept coming back to talking about his friends from Shaker. And how good it felt to be away from Shaker. Returned to the motel about one thirty PM and went to room for twenty one as we walk there. Kevin said that if the test didn't work well he would be willing to spend another night. He added that he felt very comfortable talking and felt confident. That if we talked long enough that we would be able to resolve everything when we got to the room. Tom Hinchey was waiting there for us. Kevin was very relaxed. He asked if he could use the bathroom. I because of the large coke for lunch Kevin went into the bathroom. I met briefly with Tom and told him. I thought Kevin was very relaxed and ready for the polygraph when Kevin came out of the bathroom. He noticeably more tense than he had just been moments earlier. He was all tensed up and rubbing his hands together nervously. I asked Kevin if he still want to take the test and he said he was ready to go. I wished good luck and told him. I would return after the test at a few minutes before three. Pm when the polygraph test was complete Tomkins he left Kevin by himself in room. Four twenty one and came to room five sixteen to discuss the results. He said that he ran two tests that he had cleared exceptions on most of the questions dealing with Lisa that he confronted Kevin with a deception and that Kevin got tears in his eyes but said nothing Tompkins he said he had confronted Kevin directly about his involvement with Lisa and Kevin Again said. I didn't do it at about three PM. Jim Brochures and I went into the room. Kevin was sitting by the polygraph machine on a chair with a concerned almost teary look in his eyes. I ask Kevin if he remembered deputy chief brochures and Kevin said he did. I asked Kevin if he remembered deputy chief brochures and Kevin said he did. I told Kevin due to the pressure on this incident that they had sent deputy chief down to Columbus. Deputy Chief Brosius then left the room. I asked Kevin if he minded if I open the drapes and he said that that would be great. I sat down directly in front of him got very close and told them I was concerned. I sat down directly in front of them got very close and told him that. I was concerned and a little scared about what happened. He knew machine couldn't lie but he didn't understand why the machine was doing this to him. I paused for a couple of minutes and begin to slowly explained. Kevin the situation as I saw it. I told him that if he really was not involved in what happened to Lisa that.

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