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Of Europe by 1.5 minutes ago. Don't want to give the ball back to the opponent. Lets see if he can step up and make a play. Here we go, guys. Freeman is the running back. In the gun off the left side of lot 33 hitters. He throws a wobbly pass incomplete flutters to the far sideline in front of the Tennessee bench boy, he was drilled. It's an incomplete pass on third and three. It's fourth and three. So here comes running it. The incomplete pass stops the clock at 505. Look at the pass round and it was, it was go routes down the field. I mean, it's third and five. Got a young quarterback back there while you send everybody down the field. You need to give him a couple options within that first downrange make this easy. You've been moving the football. Landry was the one and thrilled the Denver quarterback Now the Denver punter is back there. Sam Mark Thiss. He kicks it on the Tony goes in veranda lands of the 15 Denver special teamer and ricocheted off his foot and went out of bounds. I think they're going to say just hit the grass, and it's out of bounds at the For what A What A great day I thought it came off somebody's foot. It's straight sideways. You believe that 52 yard and they're gonna pin the Titans back at. Therefore, this gives us a chance to pause 10 seconds for stations to identify themselves coast to coast and around the world. This's Westwood one. You're home for Monday night football. Doing Triple A with automatic renewal and add loved ones for 50% off Tripoli replaces my Battle Lion, a great directional putter and he was perfect that time so marine therefore, Tennille with an I formation under center looks over a three man front. First intend.

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