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I would say this the fact that Trump and his entire team got the virus is such a bad look for Trump. It's ridiculous and it just completely It supports the idea that the mask is everything even though of course, we all know that the mask is ridiculous, but it does show that he's careless. It does show that he didn't take this seriously. And if I'm American voter somehow there's one left. That hasn't decided yet. He has to figure how do you vote for a guy who clearly didn't take that seriously? And now he's got it. I mean, it's a bad look, I do think that Trump is gonna lose. I don't know that they're gonna win the Senate. God help us. But don't you worry. When black lives matter takes over the country, they're not gonna come after a ritual like you completely ignore you because you're an appeasing liberal. I'm sure that they won't get to you and told the end don't work. You're Jeffrey, I I do fear that the Democrats could take control The Senate, in which case I do think if Mitch McConnell's Abel is able to get Amy Cockney barrel through, I think Without question. The Democrats will then expand the Supreme Court. They will pack the Supreme Court. Not even a question. You heard that Biden was asked about it repeatedly. I mean, granted, didn't understand the question. The 1st 16 clearly did not deny what's gonna happen. Is that the Republican state back the Senate on the White House? Let's say in eight years or whatever it's going to be after President Kamala is done destroying the country, The mills is packed the Supreme Court with a few more justices, and by 2050, that'll be what 48 judges justices of the Supreme Court. We'll be on the administration's going You're right. But look who started it all. So Mitch McConnell should take a deep breath and back off. That's all Democrats, please. It's Mitch McConnell bottle has followed the law and stop Supreme Court dressed in what you say four years ago looked But four years ago, Mitch McConnell was absolutely right by screwing Merrick Garland. Come on. Don't be a hypocrite like the rest of the votes, then that's why there won't be a hypocrite. Like the rest of them. Like Mitchell, the boats lending enough votes to push Merrick Garland through If they had the votes in the Senate, Of course, President Obama gave a damn about anything but who has the boat? Nobody cares about anything but the votes and the other thing to lend that you conveniently ignore. It was the Democrats who did away with the 60 vote rule to confirm justices. Come on, Len. Len? What? No, I'm just what were the scores again Land over the weekend. 17 to 9 the Rams speak the Giants. You happy happy Lichtman when I did watch some of the year and I, but by the way I saw from your tweets that you're you grew up a Brooklyn Dodger fan. I think that explains everything. Because you've known losing all your life, except for 55. Los Angeles divers now because your father was the Brooklyn Dodgers. Tonight, then follow. Obviously, I'm not a Brooklyn Dodger fans because they moved to Los Angeles in the late fifties. And of course I'm not 100 years old, like yours. A Maya fat old. Just tell me. Yes. You know very well that this your very When's the last time? You're right? What is the last time? Your room? Well, I know you call it a trainer. But when's the last time your eight came over and walk your around? We'll discuss this later. Thanks, Jeffrey. Love you, Jeffrey Lichtman. Always here with the lens singers. We appreciate that. Thanks, Jeffrey. Appreciate the time So Hey up next. How did Saturday night live? Do over the weekend. Len loved it, Of course, but not everybody thinks SNL. Is all that great anymore. That's coming up next day..

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