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And I thought I can't believe that all of a sudden, all these family members, all of a sudden a come to Jesus moment where they accept him and his drag persona. If the cameras were not there. In other words, I think that Donnie. Oh, Taba. And the other one who looks like she's been on the skit skid row for a couple of weeks. I think that God wanna get some sort of TV deal themselves. Am I wrong. Now I agree with you a hundred percent. I second that third, it, whatever it is. It's like happened in reality world. Julius, you can spend more time than all of us in the beyond. Welcome people kind of get thirsty with in your pack. Whether Japan Lee, your friends, and they try and get whatever. I was very three. So the people even. Family friends from the outside? Yeah, that's remind like, you know, from my personal experience, yeah, they all get through. They all want to be included or they want part of that. They think that you know so much. There's gold in these hill during. Now to just on a super superficial question. I did think that. Her look when she had the yellow wig at the end was great. But then I looked back at videos of rupaul drag race, and I felt like she was not well put together a my seen things. Am I right way. I never watched Dragway Pathak will defer to him for that. But I did like the yellow week. That would be only look that I did like me technology. Everything else throughout the series was so so filtered and just it was fake looking. But I do like the ELO part of her, look those what they would call more of us, hatchet girl and coming from her background and checked it. And then like one of the interesting brag rate story that was a big play fake pieces her and I wanna save COPA. Amman trees were both running up for a con. They brokers the first runner up for the competition of drastically, and then they both end up on the show and they re battle through this war they had, no, it's like being getting the point, the blonde wig, the theme when it's on track, right? But, oh my God, it's fame. Wow. The more things change the more they say that they discuss? Yeah, Marcello more fellow Marcel poor girl. I feel like she got the shot with those nutbag mums. Okay. First of all, that was my that was the only, but so I love his Lynch. She clapped back at the mom. When the been invaded her dance class, that alternate is for all these mothers should be in the robe and yelling at the whole thing was just when it will say that is one of the show I get it. So you know, they're, they're sitting there and you know, you have to walk it. That most mothers aren't all of the back of the room, their arms craw Dowling at the teaser. All right, but hurts engine. They were tr, I felt like it. A squirrel had died, and she, she close to the end of her hair. It would take whoever do the pensions here, the needs to watch show wtn's of art over also did these these, these dance competitions. There was no one in the audience and miraculously only beyond belief studio were the winners. So it's kind of like the only one that. Conceded ever-lower and be all y'all believe awfully reminded me of people saying to me, I, you know, I was captain of the volleyball team in high school, and then you find out they were home schooled. No. Like if we had podcast awards right here in the room and we want everything, right. I hate to be a stickler I played field hockey across, and I've got knows I don't even know how to do any dance moves, but they're not the greatest dancers. I think the first hour song. They all horrible. Thank God. You said that because I didn't want to seem like a creature going after these poor kids. They're terrible if we thought about kid, but the dad thing was back in with terrible. I think that's why they were always in solo competitions because they were not. Let's say that they were not Janet Jackson's rhythm nation dancers, if you will, they will on rhythm me one category, they lost group dance white, where they hold off..

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