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For a lily in the track yet. Made donut, she had earlier Alexa just saying so, like, was at money in the bank home and I think, even at Smackdown, there are selling like, the replica Lily dolls. Yeah, yeah. And like, people were setting them in their chairs. It looked fucking crazy. Well, they were living like gimmick, living the gimmick off grown grown people had the Lily doll. Yeah, I I would think it's all grown, right? Well that have the Lily Dale. Speaking of her own people guess who spend zero money at the merch Booth this weekend off to wrestling shows that's really good are zero money. Spent at the merch, we're very proud of you. You really are. Thank you. Yeah. At money in the bank. When would you order at home online. I didn't see him. The entire time. I was like this. Apple watch would be like a wristband by the way, I forgot to say this on the money in the bank recap, I just remembered at money off. Like riddled that has entrances flip-flops. Then he throws his flip flops into the crowd, right? I saw a sixty-year-old man holding it jump and fight. Sans to get that flip flop. Wow, wow. A sixty-year-old, man. He got it, he got it and he was so fucking happy. You know, would be six year old man. You don't be great if like, we were right? Where the flip flop was coming. Yeah. And yes, yes, I know, get out of the way, we threatened to sue memories. Flood was earlier a sweaty soiled man's foot off and a sixty-year-old man was on there. Fought lands. Remember we went to align like Joe. Maybe it was in NXT takeover and riddle was there. He did the fucking flip flop thing. They've been caught it and someone from WWE is like, we're going to need that flip flop serious. You think if you don't remember open through the flip flops, into the crowd at my bank and the person was like wage The flip flop back this the fan argued with them. Yeah. And they ended up bringing him a bag of WWE merchandise was that for the flip flop I think it was maybe at home take over New York. Yeah yeah. Well he's got I mean if he's tossed him in the crowd now they probably get to keep him now maybe but I guess at that time they weren't off. Yeah the WWE person came back with a bag of March was like okay. Now can we have the fucking flip flop? You know, I called on Lily doll, R-Truth shirt know what the flip off. Bring me one of them titled out Sandra right? So yeah to from Old Navy back to Alexis playground. Alexa challenges Eva to a match without do drop but even says I'm not wasting anymore of my time with you. Why did you even show up, right? Why, my then Eva starts to walk away? And then does the worst prat fall in the history of pratfalls? Joe, I was offended game. You must have been horribly offended by this. I got one of those men in black pens. Erased it from my memory. That's good, that's how bad it was. Wow, oh my God, I know they should be like. All right so try to do a fall. Okay, she can't do it. She can't do it right. Something else. She can't fucking do it. She's a fucking idiot. Yeah, she's fucken retarded off the fucking idiot. Oh, hey, something else. What is the next thing to do that stupid? Fuck. All right, even we're not going to do that anymore. We're home. We're going to get something else for you. You know me, I love the office off. Mike stuff, you know what I mean? Okay, do it. I Hold On. Oh, what the can you even take a bump? Can't even take a fucking interesting, read. That's amazing. We've never seen it. She done. Well, that's literally the first thing you learn. How to take a fucking bump and she can't fall down. Why is she here events? You perverted. Fuck, why is she back? Right, there's no more mud mad. There's no more bra and panties matches. Right. What is her purpose? Yeah, best-dressed, sometimes not so yeah, that even gets spooked at Alexa laughs cuz she did that you watch it even tripping over her own foot actually even she put, she did it wrong to go, watch she put the her foot behind her front foot and then somehow tripped over her back foot it made no sense like you are a fucking idiot. You put something in front of her like make her trip for real. These are stun people. Yeah. Why not tell her you're going to fake a fall but then actually put something there. So she falls. Yeah. May God it's so bad. Then finally for the main event we have rear Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the raw. Women's Championship rematch. How many Remax has that 73? It's got Be more than three one show. It's just you press the button eliminate three. Okay, for it is for rematches. Yes, so yeah. Anyways, Ripley put Charlotte in the figure four but Charlotte reverse and Ripley made it to the ropes. Really hit the riptide and went for the pin, but Charlotte got her foot on the ropes. After that Charlotte grabbed her belt and started to bail really chased after her birth of Charlotte. Hit her in the head, with the belt, for the DQ, and then Ripley attacked Charlotte after the match and hits the riptide on the floor, and then Nikki ashes, music hits and Ripley, throw Charlotte back in the ring, Nikki officially Cashes in her money. The bank contract, helping her and becomes the new raw Women's Champion with a crossbody. Yeah. And there you go, greatest and then Nikki celebrates the crowd down the show and started that sign guy with the red, hats back. Yeah. Sorry, we we had to pull up the fall. Yeah. Okay. Let's just Christ so bad. She tripped over him. I told you, she tripped over nothing and they're suppose. We're supposed to believe Lily. Did that look? Yeah. But the foot in front of the other foot, the trip over yourself. Right? Nothing. Nothing happens. But hey, at least pan up camera, man. Hey, director, get off her feet. Get over to the right page. Will remember this was pre-taped? I'm sure. So right with this, in front of, this is no best part of the crowd. And remember, this was the best one she did this. There's The Simpsons cause we did 50 pigs. And that was one of the best one. Yeah, yep. That's the end of frog. That's Nikki wins with a crossbody hammer. Crossbody. Usually we do runs smack down and then Rob, but since don't get a special Smackdown only. Yeah, then what? Oh, right. Yeah, we only.

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