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That's right free just go to ziprecruitercomtalk that's ziprecruiter dot com slash free ziprecruiter dot com slash free hi everybody van and bonnie here wouldn't it be great if we could just completely get rid of juvenile diabetes well high be has joined forces was smart water and vitamin water to help raise money for the juvenile diabetes research foundation they've got to go all they want us all to help them chase it and join the fight against type one diabetes through february twenty eight here's how it works for every 20 ounces vitamin water sold in select varieties priced at ten for ten dollars higher these can you donate five cents to jd d f for every smartwater sold sport cap only priced at ten for ten dollars hide he's gonna donate ten cents to jd r f so stay talk up on your vitamin water in your smartwater and help chased the golan join the fight against type one diabetes now this specials going on through february twenty eight it'll be at all your des moines area high v and highly drugstores and of course when you shop high v you be sure to tell them van and bonnie sent you the now the latest on the roads from the traffic center good afternoon lead right on the roadways right now i 235 east and westbound seven minutes from downtown ramps south of the mixmasters 35 any sixty five five round the perimeter also rolling along its speed limit no delay this report powered by the blue ribbon foundation nothing compares to tax deductions well helping reserved the iowa state fairgrounds helped the blue ribbon foundation continue the progress of city your favorite fair traditions for future pair gold with the corned dog checkout tax deductible donation on your iowa tax reforms whipping boys most frequent traffic on your way home i'm jim brown temperature's going to be dropping dramatically overnight tonight back down to ten degrees windshield factors below zero by early tomorrow morning bundle up twenty six will be at a high on friday with a lot of sunshine and then we warm up again on this rollercoaster into the weekend that's latest weather forecasts.

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