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What is hope hope to me was just that he would get to come home I had no idea how hard it would be one to cut back I wish you'd stop drinking so much she thinks it's helping but it's not I hope she sees that soon but I don't care if he comes to my games but I'll be those used to hold find happiness again hi Max Max okay how he thinks it's too late with everything that he's going through I hope he sees a counselor I just want my brother back I hope to get help I'm hoping things would get better on their own he told me to stop asking I didn't then one day he asked for a ride hope is knowing their other families just like yours but the veterans they love god help and recovered could make the connection dot net intern hope into action he wanted to see me yes please have a seat so here's the thing when this company brought you on we took a chance on you you didn't have that four year college degree we typically look for right but we gave you shot anyway and since then you've worked incredibly hard and giving it your all thanks you've been an important asset to the team but I don't think you can be an intern here anymore we want to hire you yeah you're serious absolutely find your next great and introduce yourself to the grads of life why they talent worth knowing about young adults of unique to termination and experience an ideal fit for your company in an entry level position internship or even mentor ship they might not have every qualification you typically look for but they're exactly who your company I won't let you down I.

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