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Saying hello it was also so I did not say anything right now I appreciate yeah I was gonna say it for this this is about as discuss I wanna redo so I got to see it you know you don't did you say it no I haven't yes it is well under Jerry Recco did you reach renewed or something or now well I may I comment on it about is it on my forehead right not happy about you'll need to blow it up the picture didn't born all **** so it's all gone it's sickening make but he might vomit right now whole right exactly how bad is that way right beyond that I'm a very nice and he says the but that's just nasty that they obviously came to a head during a popping it yeah you did is why so read to the baby come out right where we are staying there does and you know it's so unfortunate out that for me right is that I have probably not had that happen in six seven months day the face of corn hole in that well I wouldn't say that you are the face of Cornwall there's no question about it at least in at least in key port yes for now yes my role there was action attaining I'm a corn all god I love corn also I was in I think I was interested we got our big playoffs next week we're still waiting for Alan a guy Adami to come do a a celebrity night they have not shown up at seven o'clock too late for Al man so what's a Jerry Carino reached out to you or did you do some proactive like P. arc is yet another league start okay so he covers Rutgers came a conversation okay and let's go send a guy out there great awesome love it they always say how is he involved in the corner holding your no no no not at all there was no quid pro quo there no no I can save news twelve wants to go out there and cover some will you will you show on that now because if that's the case guy will come down you'll be teammates news twelve feature on the man of metal want money how about this yeah bring your hero you're the hero is named Peter Peter yeah I think you could get Peter out there right here on night here at nine four hole that I have the unbelievable now it's said that the money it's a hundred and eighty per diem or some money so the boards in the rental shop a sentence is a little bit of money it's left slight not one for you guys not much to unite I mean you're not doing as a primarily pays for itself it is a busy day but it pays for itself but it looks like you got a lot of interest there want to Jack up the price to make this like a you know get a little mother sourcing coming perhaps one day that will be the case right now it is not even close you guys like the I drink beer and stuff yes thanks to bring your own beer yes you ever have any fights no no no yeah about scoring not yet a couple of beers in arms really take years fifty five fifty six guys and girls it's actually been pretty good pretty calm notion and he got a new season start up in January we do the reddit elevated project yes yes that's what I heard I heard through the grapevine that you do yeah because we would like the prize money to be a little bit more than five hundred Bucks for the team is not we've got a great this is this is yet knowing you at this stage of your life you're not doing something that's not on board a bad check a bike a metal pole you gotta be you gotta be metal so that they can put around the chest got to be making some money office yeah I have to be well hopefully we will at one point right now we're not who's weak I do it a couple of other guys not just mine split in this thing on what you need to do you got to get rid of those guys I saw a totally free so called for days because it was the other guys know something they don't even mention these other guys it is seventy five percent down at least seventy five percent is your now the face of corn hole if you scroll down your picture through the corn hole itself right did used to pictures in this article you would stare I understand all right so you are well that's true and there's also in the video you got your boy Connor cook is wearing the al shirt completed test this is what I'm saying it's likely the popularity of this thing is you know they don't need help doing it so I've got two partners that help me do it to partners I do wash I'm just thinking about it so you don't split up here just don't seem right it's not about that about this thing that yeah right like your like your school that I never had a school and I do have a quarrel are you thinking about franchising yes would you like one well you already have my data or you could go to the other side malam you are the metal on here over the men of metal one this is key port all under cut you all do it cheaper leak I need my under cutters bill Tom green sketch where he can wait outside of pizza place with a guy with him follow up it's a also it is pizza for five dollars less we got chased away by a guy with a hammer yeah cotton corn hole now we see I don't see I don't do not see the other one people mentioned in this article you'll see E. J. black at the end as he runs it with me and then the other guys Travis but they just said he's just arrested he runs it with now there are said to there of said day has let's see Jay black will help from the league right really shouldn't begin any other problems what I hear you your this is your show stop it I don't see any pictures of the jet black a well I listen I told them who take the pictures of I can't help what they did how about this underneath the picture says participants from over an hour away travel to keep poor to playing a corn hole through run by WFAN Jerry Recco WAAY and start profits I I realized very quickly needed help doing this yeah yeah but yes we have the Barcelona's come from bail on I believe it's an hour away while we got the Lawson's they come from about forty five fifty minutes going about that you got to be some sort of special loser and then you've got a guy dummies favorite team the the Menino's Menino's now then the rotors single much Friedberg Rudy I don't know if that's them all must be twenty one in older because its bring your own beer and folks do tall packs of course light Miller lite and rolling rock line the team's outskirts yes having a lot of beer cans in the trash at the at the guys getting hammered growing corn old now no one back and I don't know you know it's funny though that nobody gets hammered how many games you more into them to win that's a seven and what's the gate was each game go to twenty one twenty one you got hit on the nose right would make no no take way too long yeah it's a twenty one twenty one or older to though yeah yeah yeah one all yes yeah if you mess around with every back to go over your back and fix but that's what you really play corn hole was actually hit the number though right perhaps that's not how we play we have time constraints we had some that have gone over time the more money for the gym as in you do are two hours hour and a half how much is it for the gym do please what about that off there I'm just trying to figure out how much of that money you you got to be making more money office.

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