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Perry guy. And some of the watch this last night. It was on PBS. It was the American masters show of your Carole king. Okay. Some I I mean, I know a little bit about her. But you should see all the song. She wrote. I know she wrote a lot of songs, but good Lord. The. Konkan Motown stuff now like some of those old early sixties hits. Like, you know, will you still love me tomorrow, and that type of stuff? Oh, yeah. I mean, he was like a hired songwriter is the Brill building in New York City. They were they were just on staff her and her husband, and they would come they found this new band, and we need a song. It'd be like all right. Bam. They got a piano there half hour later. Here's your son. And then you got a NASCAR. And of course, it'd be a number one hit like two weeks later. David what's going on talking about preferred music? What is yours? I like everything, but our maintenance coming to river bend, and I can't wait to get into that one. David. I'll probably see you there. I will be there. I. Somebody. But. As you say. But I got a question real quick guests. Play the song right now on the radio. Goo who makes the money seven hundred w w make the money. No money. No. We the company pays like this big fee to ask how BMI or whatever the case might be wherever we do business with. And that covers every radio station. Oh, okay. And those agencies dole out that money. Okay. So yeah, we don't we don't do it very questionnaires. So like in a bar allegedly. You're supposed to pay ask. But. If a lame would it be to your bar shut down. I've heard of it. They don't closure down. But they'll come in. And find you really. So I mean, so you have a jukebox in your bar in. Yes. A certain percentage of that and send it to and also and maybe a bar owner. Concur. Ken, correct me. But I think if you have bands that play in there, you have to pay a fee, so you have their cover band. Okay. Gunmetal grey never paid anybody nothing. But well, I'm just saying the bar was opposed to. But I guarantee you Mr. did you by the way, did you check on your horse the other day? I didn't MO we're getting ready sued them for copyright infringement. Rob did did you hear this is Oban was gun? Metal grey. That's an awesome name. And I got a, Nope. Shoot one. Was that Rachmat a year or so ago? Yeah, firmer all buddy, John Englehart whose big horse guy, and he said self rocky. There is a horse running at whatever prep race. It was called gunmetal grey. That's a great name for the derby say these running a race or two that you could possibly be prayers. Yeah. Wow. You bet the house. I don't want him to win. Then we're going to sue the guy copyright infringement. We had the name I had a band. He did. Yep. Name was orthopedic shoes. I was gonna say what what point high school wasn't. What kind of music, you think we played? Did you play cornet not play? Little a little craft work. I rocked it out just hit the button on the German sheen. You're good to go. You.

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