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Chevrolet News room. We'll build 35 House Republicans joining Democrats in voting to create a bipartisan commission to invest the to investigate rather than January six attack on the Capitol. There were no Georgia Republicans on that list. Now the Senate has to vote on it. And a new diversity program adopted by the Fur Side County School board draws both criticism and praise at a meeting this week. Tails and access Wi you win and coming up on North George's News talk this'll traffic report is sponsored by the Bagwell Insurance Group. Continue to avoid I 85 South bound south of us 4 41 in Jackson County and overturned tractor trailer crash is still blocking one lane south of Highway 98. Maysville. Roads of You're headed that way exit as soon as you can to make your way down to either dry pond Road or us 1 29. Meanwhile, in Gwinnett County, we also have an accident being worked on Auburn Road at Bailey Woods Road, So watch out for delays there from the Access W D win. Hayes GMC Cadillac Traffic Center. I'm Caleb Hutchins. For Over 30 years we've been making sure you have the right coverage at the right time and at the right price. Redefining protection at Bagwell Insurance Group Online a bag will I n C calm. I'm here today with dream A Thompson from Manor Lake. And like a lot of us, she's got some spring fever going on. That's right. Bill are manner like family is outdoors again and loving it. We're working on flower and vegetable gardens, playing outdoor games and having fun with other activities and sometimes just getting some.

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