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So i think i think they should used the more and i really hate that. They didn't get him back in time before he passed away for Modern who yeah. Well you know they did bring unit back thankfully in modern who with The brigadiers daughter kate stewart for a time so that was good and we also had torchwood which is essentially like a modern version of unit. Little wait a little bit. So saluting cyber man yes. Yeah the the sort of posthumous appearance by nicholas courtney. Yeah as cyberman. Okay well moffitt you know all right. So that original script also featured harry sullivan and miss jackson was supposed to be a guy. Just generic guy didn't even have a character name but then director lennie main built up. The part changed the gender and surprise like i said cast his wife in the role. So i'm sure. His wife was appreciative of that. Needless to say probably scores some husband points. I guess l. dress home was originally identified as the black hole omega four point six but when script editor robert holmes pointed out to baker martin that the name omega had already appeared in the three doctors and which oh by the way was also written by bob baker and dave martin so they decided okay. Guess we'll change the name to castro instead of omega. So apparently they really liked the name..

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