President Trump, Republicans, Amherst College discussed on Morning Meeting


I mean i don't i don't think that was a good thing to say i disagree with him saying that he might see he might feel like this is isn't about race but for him to say this is an about race as though this entire situation isn't about race that's not really taking into account what's going on here but you're that's not what was bombing tuesday just wanted to the accusation he just picking on black people well the problem is that it doesn't it when you speak like that it doesn't it basically gives people more fodder to say republicans are not actually paying attention to what people are complaining about here well the we need right grow up beyond people in fodder i don't understand this you'd be president gives somebody ah a reason to misunderstand our misconstrue him then that's on him but since win these this standard a why i guess the same standard i mean at are basically it seems to me like there's been plenty of politicians who may didn't mean but they use the wrong term so it's not like we have done it plenty of times before a certainly we give trump a lot of the benefit of the doubt when it comes to that sort of stuff because we often i mean i i a great there's plenty of times will trump will say something dumb but i get where he sorta coming from i can see that you didn't mean it so i you know that does have to happen a lot with trump but i do think that it's important if we're going to complain about republicans getting painted as automatic racists which i think is an is a valid argument because it's i especially when it comes to you for example i republicans who happened to attend amherst college and one to make a group of themselves because there's not many republicans in amherst those guys being yelled at and automatically ascribed some sort of klu klux klan that white supremacy situation that's horrible that's that's that to me is outrageous on the.

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