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In New York just exposed to so much professional sports. You know really thinking about college athletics that much <hes> but I got into coach as I got into college started thinking more about man. I really Kinda see the thing see the game differently than my teammates. I understand everything. My coach says the very first time he says it. I can go do it either only of the opposition to Florida. He's told maybe can't can't do it as well as a seven footer but I can do that too. I can go you know what I mean. <hes> so also thought the game <hes> likely coach and and I really hoped that I would play. It'd be perfectly honest. <hes> you know for four years and they didn't pan out at opportunity. Maybe to go to Belgium right after my see the <HES>. I had some knee issues. Kinda slow me down but the truth is it just wasn't a pro basketball player who so gotten a coaching on the vice so again. Both of my colleagues coaches called me. I threw out of town of data will myself that I didn't have great professional plane opportunities and said. Hey Man we think he could do this. It's not an coach them and they helped me get on as a graduate assistant with Larry Davis <hes> at Furman University Larry's most recently the associated coach at Cincinnati. Yeah Larry Larry's lays. There's kind of crazy person like a good way. I mean we're excited. He's got a lot of relationships Jason ships. He makes guys better but I learned so much from him about the grind that is college basketball coaches <hes> in fact who and threatened to fire me in my interview <hes> I'm not saying today I got the job during the interview threatened to five so he set the tone. This is how this is going to be and you're he's GonNa do it or not and you're GONNA learn a lot if you do it the right way or you're not going to be here so <hes> this this harsh. Smith I worked with six six different guys. I believe they all do it differently. <hes> they've allies of success. What did you tender. Ben and Jerry's and Wells Fargo have in common their all iconic businesses founded ended by regular people so how they do it. Where did they go wrong. Where did they go right. And how can you start your own iconic business. Do you have to meet when you were kids like Ben and Jerry what if you all end up hating each other like the founders of tinder or what if one partner wants to hit the road and the other wants to stay home like Henry Wells and William Fargo. I'm Dana Barrett host of the new IHEART podcast bizarre geography. I'm a former. Tech EXEC turned serial entrepreneur turned T._v. And radio host and.

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