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To voters we've all slathered on plenty of hand sanitizer lately but the is it making the germs are stronger Dr Mariam Warman author of the handbook surviving in a germ filled world and biology professor at William Paterson university says uncle just kills everything as long as it's sixty percent alcohol she says the thing that actually can build up a resistance to bacteria and germs is anti bacterial soap did added chemicals like triclosan because it wasn't so many products it's been found in urine of most of the population and it's not very effective even it doesn't even increase the effectiveness of so she says she no use hand sanitizer after she leaves the store and before getting into her car Jessica Rosenthal fox news Jack Callahan this is fox news news radio pale BJ on John Cooley topping Austin's news Austin sales tax collections are way down certainly not unexpected and exact Austin actually still took in more than most major cities in Texas that's according to deputy chief financial officer at many you know who says other regions are dropping mark sales tax collections by as much as ten point seven percent are you a sales tax mark sales down resented that four and a half percent drop means Austin could be heading toward a loss of nearly thirty three million dollars in sales tax revenue for the year across the state the sales tax collections are down by nine point three percent Patrick Osborne newsradio killed Jack as cities continue to reel from the economic gut punch delivered by covert nineteen round rock's chamber of commerce is competent in the economic resiliency of the city and the university of Texas as more budget cuts are coming and this time that may include layoffs furloughs and other permanent reductions in staff you're guilty J. radar weather watch low seventy one high in ninety get Austin news on demand at newsradio kale B. J. dot com.

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