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Could put you where you don't want to be for a while however label are agreeing with john someone just facebook at john gibson radio said christine of course is always wrong on everything well that's not that's unfair you not wrong about everything that not about every single thing is that in defending mayor ed you know what i should say this he added i don't think christine really believes it's i think that she has taken this position like good debaters do because there needs to be two sides to a debate so she takes a position even though she knows it's wrong your heart of hearts she would i never said it was right i i do think it's rotten i think she should be punished i think that gap put her in a civil trial fine i'm just saying i think sending her to jail as a little too much that's all i really do agree with that honestly so this is you real reactors gene i really don't think she's going to jail chris in maryland you agree with christine why yeah john yes i do agree with christine i come at it from a little different perspective for one thing i think you might be making hmm assumption here john your thing that you don't think the judge will give her all six months of the of the maximum sentence but we all know that judges we all know what his or her i don't know why is who is i don't know either i said we all know who the judges you know i know i'm i'm sorry i said we don't know who the judges and we don't know what hitler her approach to the lawyer although we can't but let's take the jeff sessions rule here you know if you don't like the law get the legislature to change the law empowers the judge sentenced to six so let's say it's a seventy one year old out of shape female judge and she says you know what all six months shia why is that so wrong well and and and that's where we get into the other thing white christine and christie and others have been saying i also agree that it's not right at all it was very wrong what she did um it's just a question the crime is as bad as we all can agree on that the punishment that is requestion and i think uh what you're saying about a line that's my suggestion for punishment make perhaps fine.

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