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I really appreciate this. Randy. Thank you very much. They'll walk you out right over there. And we had Maitree along there. He is Randy the natural Qatar what an honor having him in studio, what a pleasure to have one of the greatest ever in the history of the sport joining us here face to face what a cool moment. And so again that is this Thursday on the ESPN family of networks, you see it right over there. And. NYC be live which is the former Nassau Coliseum the warm immoral and how about that we had been aspirin. And then we had Randy tour like wrestling royalty here back to back sitting in our studio and in a matter of seconds. Hopefully. He will join us. Our next guest who is Daniel Cormie more wrestling rotate, Danny room scene manager to the stars telling me that no one filled in for DC at the Olympics. He made weight and was scheduled to wrestles just a forfeit for the guy who was supposed to wrestle. So that is the tying of that story. How about this? I'm still sort of an odd that we had aspirin and Kapoor back to back in studio. Holy smokes. I mean, when you're standing when you're sitting here talking to to ready to you feel that the history just losing out of his pours. Like, I mean that is a living legend, right? They're considering what this man has done and who he did it against and how important he was in terms of building the sport. I mean, just an absolute honor what a privilege very fun day. Okay. Later in the program. We're going to be joined by George Lockhart, the nutritionist extraordinary who will be sharing some very interesting news with us. So I do suggest you stick around for that. Sit the covy, oh, who's one of the top straw weights in the world. She will join us as well to talk about her future. She also has some news to share. We're also going to be joined by Arjun Buller who is successful on Saturday in Ottawa he defeated one Adams, but his contract is up. And he's he's he's got some things in the works. Some interesting things I loot it to one of those things in my Twenty-one thoughts. Call them. That just came out on ESPN dot com earlier today and at the top of the hour. We're going to be joined by Rory MacDonald. You may have been following that story over the past week or so his post fight comments after the Jon Fitch fight and also on Tuesday, he came out and officially told us that he will not be retiring he will be fighting Neiman Gracie and that fight is going to take place June fourteenth. So I had a lot of thoughts about all that. And I'm curious to hear from ROY McDonald get his thoughts on where he stands how he feels about his career and whatnot. Idee mentioned at the top. Because we wanted to get the aspirin. Of course, we're coming off the U of C Ottawa vent this past Saturday. Donald Sironi successful against Quinta. What a fight what a performance from Donald Surani. He is undefeated still since becoming a dad three. No, you're looking at the results right over there. The biggest story, of course, the main event Sironi Quinta, and it was fairly. I mean by the time the fight was over. We all know, we all knew who won..

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