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State has approved licenses for illegal immigrants. The governor signed the Bill last night. Senator Luis Sepulveda, a democrat from the Bronx is the bill's main sponsor was come together culmination of months, I say years of advocating for this of educating those areas where people have difficulty with this long. Republican Senator Jim to disco tells W G Y news. He believes those who. Voted for the Bill aren't doing the right thing. This is really disheartening and basically, what they're provided here is a disincentive for individuals to come here and be part of this great, mosaic. The greatest case, we have is immigration, but legal immigration to this go also says that a measure that would have protected county, clerks who refuse to issue a license to undocumented. Immigrants was defeated. The new law takes effect in one hundred eighty days. President Trump will formally launch his reelection campaign in Orlando tonight, he won Florida in two thousand sixteen in the sunshine state is high on the radar for the Trump campaign. In twenty twenty police in Orlando are bracing for large crowds of Trump's supporters in and around Amway center, as well as for protesters live coverage of President Trump's twenty twenty campaign kicks off tonight, eight o'clock on WG y you can listen anywhere with the iheartradio app. Former vice president, Joe Biden was greeted by protesters last night for not embracing the green new deal. He was attending a fundraiser in New York City. The jury hearing the next case in Brooklyn federal court could get the case as early as today. Jennifer poll Sony reports. Prosecutors say Keith Rene allegedly branded and starve young women. He kept his sex slaves under the cover of his so-called, self-help, group Nexium, renew. His attorney arguing during closing arguments, his client didn't need to create a secret sex cult since he had no problem finding people to be intimate with the sex consensual. The fifty eight year old faces a possible life sentence if convicted on racketeering forced labor sex trafficking, and child pornography, possession charges. Jennifer, Sony, NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one WG y a mother in Schenectady sentenced to fifteen years in prison for manslaughter in the death of her three month old son heaven, husky agreed to the plea deal. In april. All the body of her son was found stuffed in a plastic bag behind an apartment building on State Street last August. The baby had been missing for weeks before the remains were found voters in two area. School districts are heading to the polls today for do over on school budgets, lot of attention will be focused on Johnstown, where voters were unable to muster a sixty percent supermajority on a budget that contained a thirty five percent tax last month. School officials are offering up a new package that contains a fourteen point six percent, tax hike, more than a dozen staff cuts and some money for athletics voters in Lansing Berg will decide the fate of redone budget today as well w J Y news time, twelve five. Our next news update at twelve thirty. I'm Diane Donato. The Rush Limbaugh show is next on NewsRadio eight ten and one of three one. WG Y, the capital, region's, breaking news, traffic, and weather station. Let's get something cleared. You may be competing to be the next account executive at. Heart media. What this is not a TV.

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