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To advance in global health. She stated in receiving her award. I am excited beyond imagination. As i never dreamt or saw anything like this coming an acknowledgement of something humble that i started only a year ago out of the frustrations that i felt for the many mothers who lost their lives and babies because they couldn't access a health facility and as for the future. She says she hopes to see the organization integrated in the healthcare system but for now she is happy without is going and to show the women that they are not alone and that quote they need to know they can safely deliver in clinics despite the pandemic and that they have help at hand right and we've seen the story time and time again where covet and a pandemic and quarantine has caused such mass havoc. There was a lot of regression essentially in so many of the things that have been doing well such as maternal morbidity rates They were going down for low while and kenya and now because of the pandemic and because of curfews it caused a another rise in those senseless deaths in we've seen access has been limited because of that as well and it continues to be an issue everywhere not just out in africa and or i think we've talked about india. We talked about pakistan before how has been affecting them for a while now In the us we see time and time again. We've talked about reservations being impacted on. Us soil and how they're not getting the care that they deserve and that they need as well and it seems to be an overall issue. Continue to talk about as well as the fact that it is causing a setback when it comes to women's rights in general for the entire world In is is really sad that we have to come back here and have this conversation but obviously women like dr karaoke or making a difference and solving these problems one step at a time so is phenomenal to be able to talk about what she and people are doing. Yeah absolutely Just the other day. I was thinking about our pre coded episodes where we were talking about. Like how the future's going to look for women. And then covert happens and now are like setting women so far back and it's really disheartening. To see oh so. These are the issues where we're just willing to let so much regress but it's really. It is really heartening on the other end to see women standing up and fighting to make these issues heard in to to continue to push at not let something like a pandemic just eradicate or completely. Destroy all the progress that we've made right yes so as always listeners. Please let us know if you think there's someone we should cover in this segment. It can email us at stephania. Mom stuff at iheartmedia dot com. You can find us on instagram at stuff on never told you are on twitter at most of podcast. Thanks as always tour super producer christina. Avai problem-solver oh yes. Oh yes and thanks to you for listening stuff under told us prediction of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheartradio visit oh app apple podcasts.

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