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And i think if they were just allowed him to even though it sounds dumb if they were just allowed him to crack a few heads with selfie stick. I just think it would have been. It would have been gold headshots more. It would be five no way whatever it is i just feel like they would have just let him swing that selfie. Stick a few times we would have. We would have something now. The last one that i was surprised. That actually last two. I was actually surprised that the wwe actually did release the bollywood boys. Yet they Absolutely doing they were until five loss like this. This this set of cuts was more focused on to a five lives. If moore's you think about it After your homeboy the monitor how your back and twenty sixteen. That was it. I can't believe those five years ago. That was it was a slash tan. A cup of coffee goodbye. Yeah so. I mean that's what i'm thinking here and i think gender was on tv for at least a year year and a half. It seemed like a you got injured in. I mean obviously obviously writers. They don't know what to write gender. And i wouldn't be surprised if he's involved in one of the next cats because it just got nothing for them but they don't come down to the money. I guess always about the money which we trying to hold onto all their chips onto the table and not let anyone go but then you have nothing for them. A you're paying people multi-million dollar contract shift to sit at home as you'd like to say so that's more yeah and of course. The last one from me was killian. Dane obviously a fan favourite. inex- t I did read a ed line from the meltzer. Said kilian dane. A vince mcmahon guy. We could see that that unfortunately But the thirty six year-old is part of the cuts and I think it will go on to wrestle obviously owner circuit..

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