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That's why we show up, and that's why we'll continue to show up. So, yeah, I mean, there's all sorts of other marketing avenues out there, but this one right here sustain your business for the for the long term. I was just talking to Jonathan today about this, but you guys do retargeting ads your franchisees can do at builders can log onto a portal. I mean, there's so many marketing turn key marketing tools that all your fantasies have at their fingertips, all able through a single sign on you just go to the website. You log in, boom. If you're a franchisee, you have access to a a gold, mine of tools and resources. Obviously, they're hundreds of fresh franchisees this point, but what do what do the most Oxy franchisees love about owning an ox, fresh and other? There's hundreds of them a lot of different opinions out there, but you have your finger on the pulse. You meet the people at the annual conferences. What is the word in the street? What do people love the most about owning an ox, fresh franchisee once owning Oxy fresh franchise. Once they get it up in orbit and it's actually working and profitable? What are they love most about their business. Yeah, and you are going to get some different answers, but that the two out there that I hear the most is man, that call center is really helpful to my business. Well, right. Our national call center is so great because from day one, you have a professional staff that burst in the language of carpet cleaning, and that sounds weird. But I mean when you first owned business, you're not going to know exactly how to speak about it. Right. So from day one, you have people answering the phones for you..

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