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What high state does this quarterback battle. I have five more saturday's without college football. That's a bob more and then if you need me on saturdays you can just text me but it. I ain't getting back to you unless it's about called the miami dude would cause don't forget we got. We zero two. I have my tv my living room. And then i have one in my bedroom. And i take that one of the bedroom. Indistinct permanently sits out here in the living room during the fall. Because i think i'm wrong isn't there. Isn't we zero the twenty eighth of august. let's google. It might only be four more saturdays until college. Football and mom just rolled her eyes. I think we zeros. A twenty eight. It is so we have week. August twenty eighth nebraska illinois. Are you go hawaii. Ucla it wasn't some of these games. They're not there's not a bunch of big ones but listen. It doesn't matter it's called. it's college football. I can't wait stay oregon well I can't wait man and and we are almost here. And that's what really gets the juices. Slow slowing for me as sec. Media days down there and we're immersed in and we get to see the players and coaches and all the staff members I got spent a lotta time with coach. Saban down there and Learned tone from him about where his head is on all of this change and what it really means an so. I just so we have. It's the most wonderful time of the year son. There's two things that we love the most and we've hit on with college football and the other is country music and now in the past two weeks. We've each onto concert for the first time in over a year. I saw luke bryan. Two weeks ago was it was unreal. I forgot I should have known. But i just forgot about how crazy it is going to the concert and getting out with the traffic and we just haven't dealt with traffic and a year of that magnitude and i went and just sit on the lawn and it was. I love every second of it. You you you see the craziness and the drugs and it was. It was food for the soul. I needed it like. Where'd you see the craziness and the drunks in the mirror. No i actually was. I actually was sober. Mardi what yeah. I had like two beers while i was there. All right. we'll let's flip grip on that. I someone that wasn't drunk or sober. Was you at dirks. Probably so we went oversee rally green and dirks bentley at the hard rock. Sinoe over here. In atlantic city both of them absolutely slayed riley green is going to be an absolute megastar country music and on top of that the limitation. Something funny to laney about halfway through rally set. Laney sends a text to me eric and catharine church and said i have a new crush. His name is rally green and she sends. If i wasn't with her. I was standing in the middle of the pit. Like right in the pit they were off to the side stage. You love the pit now. That's where i go man. That's my happy place. So i was laughing my ass off but i mean he absolutely correct told me a lot about where he is. And what's coming. Because i was in atlantic city new jersey. Are we were in birmingham. We weren't in gainsville. We weren't in. We weren't even in charlotte. We were in atlantic city new jersey and then people knew every single word to every single song. He stops singing. That's how you know where you're at is when you can stop singing during a song. It was cool to me to hear them. All say i wish every state had birmingham like he stopped seeing him and in atlantic city new jersey. Everyone of saying. I wish every state had a birmingham i was like this is crazy is fun to watch former college football player at jacksonville state university riley green lanes new crush left laney came back in the room when dirks i mean dirks absolutely crushed. It was an amazing show and it was great to spend time with him..

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