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It to nick for the podcast and that'll be my opportunity to re watch it all. So what's your. What's your relationship with jason. Today are you a big fan. Are you honestly. I gotta flip desire to be note. Like what i i really. I don't know anything about him. I saw him once in the city. And that was it. That's that's my my only most of your story start an living in new york. Ooh gimme gimme your like a couple of top like i. I lived in new york city. And i met this person. Never nice or man. I saw again off again Queen latifah on a subway and she like had a grocery bag. Well how interest so. I used to work for this company that worked on broadway shows and had like studio spaces for everyone who was coming to rehearse on broadway so i ran to a few celebrities. They're three interesting ones. That come to mind the really quick one ways. I had to take huge shit right before meeting so i went to the bathroom. Single person bathroom. And i fucking shut my brains out. I took the possibly smellier shit. I've ever taken my fucking life. And then you know who fucking walks in amy schumer. Their name comedian joke. Yes she walked in right after me. She rushed in there. And i felt so bad and i like like. How often can someone say celebrity smelled their shit. Smell your private at home shits mellow someone smelt it. She spelled it. And i was like bucks yet to just sit in and i felt so bad for her and i was like i i never i never want to see her in relief and i never want interact with her again. Because i will have the shame on my soul forever guys if you wanna know how was for amy schumer. Go ahead at abc twitter and jared put out into the work turning red funky seaver. Nobody has if you want us to be somebody. amy mcrae. remember that shit smell. Let make a. I'm gonna plugging kind of mood. I'm gonna keep plugging this hole tie. Okay go ahead go ahead. that's that's my biggest one. I ran into the guy What's that guy's name Rupert potter kid harry potter not air products. Weasley one not. Daniela excellent nobody. Nobody knows nobody knows. No one in the chat knows. No one in chat links harry potter or anything bruins. Thank you so honestly honestly dash you. Are we appreciate you too fast fast. You should reassess some things no so he ran into him. I thought he was an intern at my job. So i was going and he was like oh good and i was like okay cool and then i kept going because i was like. Oh we're hiring new entrance today then so cool because you came office. A person who treated celebrity just like a normal person said hello. Move down with your life. You look of anna's totally doesn't remember. That was an accident bro. We weren't allowed to talk to the celebrities like was On the floor you were fucking allowed to interact with so for the next like entire day. I was fucking terrified. Was going to get fired. Because i people saw me say hi like. I knew him and i was like. Oh no i'm gonna fucking get fired. Cool hey man what's up. How are you. that's so cool. Maybe he was so confident that the thought that. Maybe i did know what i'm saying this be a lesson you marcus the next happens. You just need to lead with that. Like who's like jesus davis is in the bodega outside of your work. And your there. You just need to be like. Oh hey how's it going. You just can't be that cool that cool comical. I hope i'll be so confident that it confuse them by doing this guy so cancer i'm saying and then and then remind is okay. You had talked about being on the podcast. Boom were paying. Then they guilty guilt them into but just gets do you. Are you big fan really. I'm not really huge fan of him. I actually found out that this was a character that he did on a bit for like british for like wherever they show the premier league whatever like british version of espn is probably still espn and bse or some shit. I don't know i. I watched it. Yeah yeah so. The character that i know so long ago decided to jerry into a tv show now super random. I like the guy. I'd have nothing against him. And i decided to watch this show and after watching show. I'm a fan love. The guy i'll marcus. Every funky south africa's i fucking love. Jason davis win in his tenure in his tenure at snl he was so okay snl. I have a love hate relationship with us now as most comedians. Fucking do right sometimes. It's sometimes it's awful. We know this. There's always one guy on snl at a time that just defines and era for me right. Now it's back every time backs in a sketch. I'm like fucking nailed it. Every time he does like you just get it. You get my comedy. Brain was always that way when he comes in. He's just like i just has such a arab out on that shines through and the so genuine. I love him in sketches. I love him. He has he's like i mean he's done movies stop. He's he's not like bucket. Tom cruise anything like he's not even like so many things that it's like crazy world But like i love like him and colossal and him in. We're the millers and like there's not a lot of them up drinking little things he's been But but here's the thing about today. He's always been And man the the next guy the second guy. He's always been like supporting. He's always been even in sketches on. Snl he's always like he's never like the guy who comes in and he's a monkey person right. You know what i mean. That doesn't die if he he's like almost like a lot of time at the straight man. That's like responding and has like funny quips so when you said ted lhasa fuck this is google like i still don't know what the fuck says And then when i watched the trailer was like wait. It's just like jason suit against his show. I was bucking so for it. Because he be and this is my opinion before i watched any of this was like i want to see him lead something. I want to be the lead. Because i love how enduring you usually as i love. How funny he usually is. How like every man but like on top of it he is so i was ready or before anything because i jason. If you're out there. If you're out there listening i was the fan. I so yes you can tweet at us and say wow great great podcast episode guys end now trae this cast but truly you need to tag at knickknack nervous. Because he's been as they want hole the second city shop chops i see them. Nick you fucking honey traps me you fucking laid out one honey pie and i fill right for that. Sweet sweet glued good juice because you were like oh how do you feel about him. You don't like it that much. i fucking love him. Also calling out jason. He could watch this video. You're gonna look stupid if he sees this. That's what happened. I hey i love you yeah. That's what happened. If you're longtime fan of the podcast. You'll know most of what i say. Most of what i do on this past. Podcast is almost always just a setup on march very fair. so. If i can't set up my friends who can i set up. You know what i mean. I had the temperament for pranks so i gotta get him some other way. You know. yeah i get that. I've never tried. But i feel like if i feel like if i had put a bucket a man as outside your door so you stepped in it. I don't think he'd be like oh. You got me nick. Let's let's do this thing. I'm pretty sure you look at me like your child and be be so bad for a long time. But what's with your in. Mayday say that's the second time you've mentioned mayonnaise. Just weird for you to mention so much guys. If you don't know. I recently gone very long weight loss journey and i'm not having things like mayonnaise an barely belonging it today. You know what. My birthday's coming up. Maybe i should have a mayonnaise. Sandwich above got mayonnaise and the mind today go man is on my mind but no we're talking.

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