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From time to time it can get very heavy very hopeless in it. It literally affects your psycho neurobiology the chemicals in your body because the mid brain doesn't know you're watching the news. It thinks it's something that's happening to you. That part of your brain. That's responsible for survival. Puts you in that survival program all the time so the only way to get out of the only ways to rise up and you can do that. Basically in a couple of ways one is by saying look things have to come apart in order to get fixed they do. There was a lot wrong or this wouldn't have. We would not be in this mess no matter what side of the fence. You're on we all got ourselves here right. And i've said this before that. We're kind of this chronically. Adolescent culture were just. It wasn't going in the right direction no matter what right so really kind of looking. What can i own. Where can i be the best version of myself. If an egg is broken from an outside force benz if an egg is broken up by an insight force life begins right so if we can kind of look at stuff has to be broken here. Tons of stuff isn't working and it's gonna be uncomfortable and it's gonna be messy and then we rise up together and figure out. What do we want things to look like each one of us being the best version of ourselves that we can that can start with a difficult conversation with a family member. you know. there's lots of families were people are in different size of the political spectrum. And it's ruining families are families not talking to each other. It's crazy but if the other thing that's really hard is people don't like the truth. We'll talk about the truth. Nobody likes the truth. If it doesn't agree with them right like a year what they think is the truth so really coming together and being prepared to have your worldview shaken a little bit and to find where you have things in common. That is the answer and listen. It sounds difficult and in some ways. It sounds over in a super simplified. But that's the truth and it can start in your own family..

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