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Well, you so you're saying we should kind of sit in a way in letters. Readies value, go up, so we can get more. If there's any way for you to go up, and I'm not gonna trade him for nothing. Just because he's sitting there sucking his thumb. What if this sounds call tomorrow and offer Trevor no Trevor REEs eighty nine years old? He's a nice player. But Trevor REEs is. No, I'm not trying the number one number one for Trevor Reza. Would you? You gotta be kidding me. Seriously, please tell me you wouldn't do. And Trevor REEs is nice defensive player. He's somewhat useful. But I can give them if I can rehab is value to get more than that. I'm going to do that. I trust Scott. This is not a distraction from my basketball team right now, it might be on sports radio. And the like before Cal is not a distraction around the team, especially if they send him away he was away last year. And you never heard about him when the period was hurt. Right. I may not be able to recapture any of his value. Maybe he'll suck in the D league. Maybe he won't want to go. And there's a big fight. And then I'll have to cross that bridge when it comes to it. But I am not going to have an agent or an inner circle dictate to me where this kid should go that I spent a huge asset on obviously, I made a mistake last year breath cleansed, but I'm gonna try to get some value. If I can't at some point gotta let him go for almost nothing. But we're not at that point yet guy just pay. Know, I don't know. I don't know. All right. All right, man. We'll see I appreciate the call it. It's it's not an easy solution. I get tweets. We'll we'll hear over the Sixers again, I'm guessing. No, if he's upset about, you know, being benched IT's McCall's backup point guard ever. Rumors about him being also got a nice nucleus now with you know, the headband thing with Butler and Simmons and Embiid, obviously who's MVP candidate Shammas looking good JJ Radic. I mean, we'll see where they stand in the east when he plays some of the tougher teams. But not giving him away. I'm going to leverage that asset and continue to try to leverage it as much as I can. The Mets by the way in the Mariners on canot deal. First big move in the off season for the Mets. James Paxton traded the manager training everybody. If the Phillies can get gene Sequeira, do it. Aggressee tremendous shortstop, and they could free up Manny Machado to play third base that they sign them. But Kanawha Edwin d as a closer going to New York and. Whatever. All righty, Jim is on sports radio ninety four WIP. Hi, jim. Hey, Paul love this show. Regard to the Phillies all that. I hear a jar that they're gonna sign. Manny Machado could. Yeah. And I heard you say secure and Easter nice player two girls. A tremendous player. You watch baseball. I he may be. Yes. But I always thought that might kill Franko defensively. And all sensitively was very good player. Also. I don't think he's horrible. But I think that he's he's not my third. I'm tired of Michael Franko? Does he have games or weeks in which he looks pretty good? He's an okay defensive third baseman. And he's not bad. He's certainly nothing lead or close to elite and hitting wise. Here's the power. The shadows. And Mike hill. Franken would generally be trade piece. I in my opinion. Yeah. Because they play if if I ran the Phillies, and my my strategy would be to get a shortstop because I have ground ball pitchers in a Parkway. Don't fly ball pitchers. And then he's somebody field that I don't want to sign a shortstop. That's a that's a killer. But have his defense Herbie not as much as his offense would help me. Obviously I'd love to have the offense by love to have both. So I'm going to try to trade for good defensive shortstop in sign Macedo play third and tried Michael Franko for whatever been a package dealer by himself or whatever. Yeah. That's the way. I will go on that. If they sign Bryce Harper, I was signing him with developing players servers stepping up who does that Queen heroin out here. What does that mean? Nick williams. Well, warning developing claims, well, how how would you? What would the outfield? Look like, let's say next year if you were to sign Bryce Harper with the kids being what they are. And it is what it is. So Tommy, go ahead. Well, they would have to find who's. Developing a who's playing a little better over bells, Harare, Roman Williams Allen alz here, but Jimmy just mentioning names that does nothing for me who's gonna play the outfield next year for the Phillies. Well, Ryan Hoskins and Bryce Harper. I guess if they were to make that move was Ryan Hoskins Reza's, brother. Yes. Excuse me. He's so he's not gonna go to first base in your world. Well, I would like to see many outfield. Eventually I'd like to see him get rid of Santana, maybe pay half the salary. Why would you let series Hoskins in the outfield? He's he's clearly a first baseman who they decided to shove a square peg round hole. He wasn't the worst left-field wherever they've had left. Feels not a position that requires an elite defensive player, but I think we Hoskins basically the first baseman and the Phillies see that after last year. I agree. They gotta get rid of Santana put up there. How do you get rid of Santana to try to include them in every deal in the world? When when when the Phillies even mentioned his name the other team apparently goes away from any potential deal with Goldsmith with Carascalao with cigar with anybody. Nobody wants Santana unless you the whole free. Yeah. Almost all the salary. Okay. So what would you like to meet with Santana? I'd like to send them anywhere. They would take them. Even no matter how much money we would have to pay of his salary. If you want to send him someone almost the whole thing you can pretty much give him to somebody. But it's gonna cost you a pretty penny to do that. Twenty million forty million twenty million for two years a real questions. I gotta run. But who would you outfield being next to you, who's your ideal ideological? However, you sign whoever you sign wherever you keep whoever you deal who would you like you're starting outfield to be next year. Bryce harper. Overdeveloped Harare and Roman Quinn. Okay. I could live with that. What do you do without you? Thank you. Besides these studs. They've got to bring in a starting pitcher. They've got to bring in one good bat. They've gotta bring him corvette or VIV or somebody who had some depth to. Thanks for the call to whose Yanni. Oh, you've all evolved. Nathan of all the. Between Ryan Hopkins interview Yanni. Listen, I appreciate the thought the Phillies to need help. They they got a read. Giga their team. Whatever member if they signed free agents other people are going to have to go. They're gonna have to make deals, and they know that to me, there's only two Phillies. There are locked in for next year. And anybody can be doubt. Like, if they get if there was a might trade and people said, well, they may have to give up all tear Hoskins. We'll find I'm giving up all chair Hoskins Hoskins are. No, I don't want to trade our Nola. I really don't wanna trade are. No one no matter what. But is he untouchable? No, nobody's untouchable. If you offer me might trot in the top nine prospects for prayer Noah or might by himself round trading. Our Nola, but but McClintock has to make sure that whatever they do in that jigsaw puzzle. They have to fit together this off season. It makes sense. A deal for Sikora, which would include some some nice prospects. Obviously. Maybe Cesar Hernandez because member Seattle just traded their second baseman canal suzerain as might be a nice leading landing spot. Actually. I'm picturing the Seattle deal making a little bit of sense now sensational Hernandez. Maybe you Mike Cal Franko. In coming back sign. Manny Machado, we will be on onto something. All right. Al is alone on the board. We have till two o'clock. You guys calling by anything you want. The Kareem hunt situation. The chiefs do the right thing. Would you be interested in Reuben foster? How do you feel about J gruden's explanation for that? We're giving them another chance. You gotta bear with us. No. We don't. Ridiculous. Tom is on the Commissioner's list suspended can't play two days later the Redskins sign them. Just tell us your mercenaries winning is important to you and talent plays into it. Just be honest say that because you've just shown by your actions. Eight eight seven two nine nine four nine four talk with the Hextall situation. More Cal folds the eagles and the Redskins Monday night, Monday night football specials. It used to be not really because the Sunday night game. So big game. But this Monday nights a special game. He was gonna win this one. December football fun. Can they be the two thousand eleven giants? Can they go to six and six and won their last four and make a playoff run possible? They had the quarterback they have the nucleus against people back this week. But it's unlikely. Eight seven to nine nine four nine four pound nine four nine four eighteen thousand Verizon here till two Tom Kelly's and then WIP sports time jolly time is one.

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