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All right well. Next week's Bachelor Episode Looks Juicy. You know tears tears tears. The season long doc preview looks dramatic of course most dramatic season. Never I don't know they haven't been teasing it like that so possibly not. I have to say there's one little thing that we must discuss about the teaser before we leave. You seem very enthused by that Peter. Not only. Here's from Chris Harrison. Then like this big breaking news but then after that moment we see him lying on a bed with like ice on his head talking about how he feels like. He's GonNa Faint Do you think that has to do with the final rose. I have no idea but you deal I. I don't see again. We've learned that Pete has a hard time saying no to people May. Maybe maybe everyone's coming after just having a hard time handling the rejection Off All right. Well you guys send your thoughts about what you think Chris Harrison tells him at that podium and what he possibly might faint over. Email your thoughts to Ben and Ashley at Iheartmedia Dot Com and of course right up all your theories on the message boards. We read them all right. Love Love you guys. Thank you so much John. Follow me things joining us. This has been the Ben and Ashley Almost podcast with John Paul Jones. I've been Ashley Ashley I've been. John followed the obviously. I.

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