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If the defense is elite and the playmakers on offense pick up for him and we saw noah fan have a rough game we saw and sutton even though he ended with seven catches one hundred twenty yards. He had a few pretty uninspiring moments in the first quarter. There where you're just saying. What what are you doing out there. And you can't have that with. Teddy is your quarterback. And then the defense. How underwhelming have they been the past two weeks. They started off incredible by giving up. You know they had a shutout in two thirteen point games in the first three games. They play real teams and they give up fifty total points and the past defense which was supposed to be. The biggest strength of this team. Just looks Completely exposed in that teddy is not fitting into that formula. But if i if the rest of the team fits into their formula teddy is going to be fine for this season. Yeah you're right though. I mean either way you want to slice it with teddy Drew lock whatever the strength of this team. Going in where okay. This defense needs to be elite. They need to be you know because they were so good in those first three games. They're still in the top as far as yards allowed. But what. I wanna see more than anything is some kind of game changing play and you had the fumble. Of course the broncos relief just followed it up with the field goal because of everything that happened you had alexander johnson with two opportunities to get some picks there but you know you need to see von miller getting back there were. He's forcing bad. Throws maybe some picks. I'm watching the chiefs game the other night zach and the pressures there were mahomes just throwing it. Not exactly where he wants to throw it. And so a fingertip tips the ball and it goes up in the air and next thing you know anything could happen. So the broncos need some chaos on the defensive side of the ball. Yeah you're one hundred right. Von miller was he leak those first three games. He was everything that we hoped he would be and more one september. Afc defensive player of the month and then he's really fallen off these past two games..

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