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You've got it all to get together. Democrats Republicans independents all get together and stop any of the crazy ideas led to San Francisco and Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, if you live in Orange County, and you haven't been downtown LA and while getting your cars to get on a bus and take a tour get forty instrument forty people in Orange County that you think can make a difference. Maybe have a voice, maybe you're ahead of a church. Maybe a run a big company whatever and take a bus ride for an afternoon. Six seven hours around downtown LA and see what Orange County will become if you allow it and you've got to act fast, they won't even need six or seven hours. No, you only need about six minutes. And it's it's a mess downtown LA. And now the latest is they're going to allow people to sell anything. They want on street corners. That's the newest deal permits start. I think in twenty twenty right? And so you can that's that's third world kids start start the clock. Yeah. It's two thousand eighteen we'll see how things go by the end of two thousand twenty this time. In two thousand twenty two years. Yeah. We'll come back and talk about it. But it's the L A food vendors permits and they're going to finally be able to sell food legally on the streets. That's what they do in third world countries. It's not supposed to be done here. But it's on its way. All right. We'll come back night investigate this. We're live on KFI bender. LA county's new sheriff is expected to clean house. A rep for sheriff elect Alex Vena wave has come Monday. The under sheriff for assistant sheriffs eight chiefs communications director and a community outreach director will be relieved of duty. Democrats have picked up another house seat. The LA times says TJ Cox's projected to defeat three term Republican David Valdo in central California. The win gives the Democratic Party a gain of seven house seats in the state, forty new seats across the country, whether in the ten next all it as or upon us personally, I love this season. But it's the slowest time of the year for the garage door business..

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