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Twenty two minutes after the hour michael savage live from san francisco and chaos studios and i guess the conversation that i'm having with you has gone down to this which is turnabout is fair play what's good for the goose is good for the gander we don't we do not have a free press in this country we have a freakish press in this country that is clearly in collusion with the democrat party to bring down a duly elected president and undo our agenda and therefore i say jill to them what they are doing trump and trump's family which is higher investigators to follow them around the clock she who they of meeting with check into their background deposed them get emails from them find out who they met with who they conspired within the democrat party i do not understand why you don't see it my way i really don't sure i believe in a free press but was so past the point of a free press in this country that the rules no longer apply moreover i don't think it's illegal to find out if a journalist socalled is colluding with a with a a party in order to attack the other party and by the way the same may be true on the other side i'm not blind to that there are people on the other side who pose as commentators who basically have a desk in the white house i don't like that either by the way i didn't like it before i went there and i don't like it after i went there that's out of bounds as far as i'm concerned i don't even have to mention the name so i went there i met the president for thirty minutes i met the vice president of thirty minutes i met the incoming speaker of the house mccarthy for thirty minutes i met the congressmen and other congressman i'm allowed to do that but i'm not colluding with them i intend to work with them on a very specific topic which is saving the.

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