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Of fluid released have had that. Yeah, escorting. Yeah. Good was peeing. I dunno female jacket female. There's a lot of liquid though there. Oh, yeah. You can you can get off. You can come without there being like a ton of liquid when you're squirting. I've only scored a few times. But like, it's Stephanie you didn't Lino. It was just something that you're like, I control is exciting. Especially when the guy they like, oh, of course. Job when you're not expecting it though. You just hit in the face. I don't know if it went on I'm telling you. That's what happened to me say you were down there at your face. Good. Yes. She could have done that that this time. Trick. Site. It's decent bragging rights. It is. I would say, that's that's big. Such a great job. That was like my standing ovation. Yeah. Just in case the kids there don't need to hear this. Yeah. Immense amounts for special newness perspective. Yeah, we can be sex positive in a nice way. Positive unless you're unless you're Bill. Cosby? That's right. Wow. We we're going to wrap it up now as a can of worms granny's over ask for it. Goodness. Wow. Might just take this out. Fly horrible. Angry today. I don't blame you. Well, this has been really fun Valentine's Day bringing for sharing. Stay with us. Really? Maybe you just for your clump together, you gotta contents. Does this does this show come out? Tomorrow. Can I tell people to come to my show? Yes, you can plug whatever you guys. Plug. Next weekend. Avid show. I'm action comedians shows. Well, if you would ask talk about my keys. Let's say you're right. I have a show north Hollywood at Avery Schreiber theatre next weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday that's three shows bus stop. Oh. Oh, yeah. They pulled me a producer pulled me and put me in the show for closing weekend. The other lead is sugar, hyper who was on to survivors. So, you know, I'm sure yes. It's a it's a female not survive on survivor. Me neither. So yeah. If if anybody wants every Schreiber theatre next weekend. Yeah. Yeah. I'm Mony Jones. I'm at the comedy store, February twenty seventh in the belly room grew d cups of comedy. And then March fifteenth in the original room dis nuts. I'll be Dr diamonds office. He's going to be looking at my skin. Good follow me. I'm only Jones eleven and Graham. Oh, my name's Nico bowls. You got some socials on their asked Nico bowls. Yeah. I wonder what that last name be. Oh. What would we end my first time podcast from media? Yeah. She's got a great story. We're going to your story is talking about the first time you went you, flew. But there was some there was some substances involved. We'll just say that. Well, I guess it's been really great having them here. So you know, what that means? It's it's it's a wrap. Did someone say rap headed? Have you go the fuck away? This is so Tom, but Labus will ready your money stays cool. Why? So talented. Thanks for listening to brandy Glanville, unfiltered, download new episodes every week. And if you haven't already subscribe and be sure to leave us a rating and review and while you're at it. Check out some of the other great shows available on straw hut. Media. Hey, I'm will sterling, and I've got a podcast called the motivation report right here on straw media. This isn't your parents motivation have a cocktail with me, get ready to discuss topics like Greek divorce, spirituality, lost diction and politics. Nothing is off limits, and I'm not interested in pulling punches just to keep you warm fuzzies. So we'll laugh cry. We'll get angry. But ultimately, you'll get inspired. So be sure to subscribe to the motivation report wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Don't forget to leave me a rating and review.

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