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Why didn't say which age her mind could technically be like the old her mind from the end of the age. On her money mill for money. Okay. CF T. She's all it doesn't matter. It's. Who's your pick? All right sticking with bad Santa. I'm gonna take bad Santa himself. Okay. Willie willie. Yeah. Yeah. Billy Bob AB blast to hang out with for about twenty four hours pick. And then I'm gonna follow them up audiences next. Go ahead audience audience number of pick John MacLean new those coming so. That was coming there. Number two, pick ready for this cramps. Okay. All right. I was that might have it wasn't spam vote because I checked, but I thought it was it was not spam voted cramp has got the next most votes. All right. My second is I'm going to go with Eddie from national Lampoon's. Okay. Yes mistakes. Cousin eddie. And you know what? Now, they're thinking about him. And and Willie does that's bad. Santa's name, right. Yeah. That is a really good Willie together. Those two that's like Beavis and Butthead grownup. That's a really good pick. Yeah. That's very good. So willy and cousin. Eddy, you're gonna get some you're gonna get votes with cousin Eddie alone. This one is one where I'm more focused on who's going to vote for who. Because I it's about the goodwill. I think truthfully would Kim McAllister. I think you're next cousin Eddy my picks going to be Howard Langston from AK Arnold from. Turbo man. Our jingle all the way because I wanted terrible man because I want us a picture the graphic. I think that'll get votes jingle all the way. Okay. That's my pick Ken, Jack, number two, Harry Potter. No. My number two is going to be from the movie than activity story. Jesus. Christ of Nazareth. Okay. Movies literally about his birthday that is good. You can't take him. By the way. I'm drafting is if we're going to be in a fight our movie characters that's getting ahead of mon-. Okay. Okay. I do have terrible about his mom though. Like, I mean, you got to ask what was the original one who wrote the N Y T article? Well, essentially, there was that that you could also make the Jeff Ireland gets in the draft room with Jesus. And he's like, hey rumor on the street, I saw the Davinci code associate with prostitutes fucked. Yeah, what's going on that his birth this baby? Jesus. I'm just saying keep Jeff Ireland away from your draft. Right. That's all. General, geno? Good rule trill number two. Ernest Pibor L from Ernest saves Christmas could pick..

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