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One app. Hired radio. And power in the krill. And now as we're getting older 50 Plus others like myself on 52 we don't make as many antioxidants naturally are antioxidant systems are kind of slowing down. And at the same time we're producing more free radicals. Naturally, this is why we call it cruel. Omega 50 plus extra antioxidant tower. An extra krill. Remember 500 mg of cruel instead of 300? That's 67% more plus the vitamin D so important for us, and this is just incredible value proposition. I have, folks. They were going out and they were getting the curl separately in the fish oil separately, the antioxidant somebody you can spend 75 bucks doing that. No kidding. You're getting it all for free today. This is the best of both worlds. This combination product. With the cruel and the fish oil. It's not one being better than the other. They're both great. And this is the best of both worlds, You know, Thank God for purity products. I'm serious seriously, because when you think about where our food supply is gone, and where we are today, we have to have something that allows us to feel better as we age to age gracefully. It's amazing to me was we talk, and that's why I love the way the purity gives away the free bottles because you know people can be skeptical. Could be skeptical. But now they can be skeptical. And they say, Okay, you know what This sounds pretty important. I'm going to give this a go. It's only gonna cost me 6 95, and they get it and they try it out and what they start to see because it doesn't take long. Remember that joint studies seven days 28% more comfortable, but they start to see is Hey, I'm more comfortable. I feel better. They noticed their energy is better. And they realize Hey, you know what? This is important and they tell their friends and they tell their relatives and they tell their loved ones and purity has been doing business this way for I don't know, 20 years Now let's look at one more. You know, this is a great testimonial by Ray C. Five out of five stars, she writes. It works. I feel a difference in my joints after only one week. Also, you have the nicest staff. That's what that's what great secrets you have the nicest staff people are going to appreciate working with purity. They're fantastic company. They put their money where their mouth is. They give out free bottles and you try and you're like, Wow, This is great stuff. Thank God for purity. Let's talk about the heart health. For a moment. It's probably the single greatest concern that people face as they age. So anything that we can do to boost heart health becomes really a top priority. You know this? I know this and those folks out there know this as well. And I know you mentioned earlier that omega threes literally lower our risk of coronary heart disease. Do I have that correct Because that's a big statement, You know? Absolutely. I mean, protecting the heart. This is what put Omega threes on the map. Back in the seventies, Dr Dyrberg discovered you know how protective they were for the Eskimos. By the way, he's a wonderful guy had Lunch with him a year or two ago. Great conversation. But bottom line is omega threes prepared to our heart in so many ways, they promote a smooth rhythmical heartbeat important for the body's normal inflammatory response in the heart muscle inside the arteries in veins, they promote those youthful, flexible arteries so important for circulation. They promote healthy blood platelet activity. Healthy red blood cell activity to support healthy blood pressure. That's very important. Triglycerides. So they do so much for the heart. So simply amazing cardiovascular protection with these Omega threes. It just keeps getting better, doesn't it? Hey, you know, I gotta I gotta remind on this when people I have patients coming here all the time. I'm like, Are you taking your omega threes? I hope you're still taking your Omega threes. You know, they're afraid to say no. You know, I'd like the Omega three. Not there. Take your omega threes. In fact, if there was only one nutrient that I could take Steve Honest to God. If there was only one nutrient that I could take hands down its Omega threes. That's the first most important nutrient you could take this krill Omega 50. Plus, I love the way they combine the krill oil with officials you can the best of both worlds can't beat it. I've got to remind our listeners out there about this free bottle deal that's going on the krill, Omega Plus and the B 12. It is part of the special radio offer. Today You just pay the shipping and you try it for free and that number for those listening out there. Write this down. It's 1 805 118 42 again. That's 1 805 118 42. Now.

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