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He loved his sow better than his son. May well be applied to some of this kind of people who delight more in their dogs that are deprived of all possibility of reason than they do. In children that are capable of wisdom and judgment. Yeah they oft feed them of the best or the poor man's child at their doors can hardly come by the worst. But the former abuse perr adventure reig neth where there hath been long wand of issue. Elsewhere baroness is the best blossom of beauty or finally where poor. Men's children for want of their own issue are not ready to be had. It is thought of some that it is very wholesome for a weak stomach to bear. Such a dog in the bosom is for him that half the palsy to feel the daily smell and savor of a fox. But how truly this is affirmed. Let the learned judge only at shell suffice for dr koss to have said thus much of spaniels and dogs of the gentle kind dogs of the homely kind are either shepherds kerr's or mastiffs. The first are so common that it needed me not to speak of them. Their use also is so well known in keeping the herd together either when they grass or go before the shepherd that it should be but in vain to spend any time about them wherefore. I will leave this kerr unto his own kind and go in hand with the mastiff tie dog orban dog so called because many of them are tied up in chains and strong bonds in the daytime for doing hurt abroad. Which is a huge dog. Stubborn ugly eager birth of body and therefore of but little swiftness terrible and fearful to behold and oftentimes more fierce and fell than any arcadian or corsican cur our englishman to the extent that these dogs may be more cruel and fierce assist nature with some art us and custom for although kind of dog be capable of courage violent valiant stout and bold yet will they increase these their stomachs by teaching them to beat the bear the bull the lion and other such cruel and bloody beasts either brought over up at home for the same purpose without any color to defend their throats and oftentimes there to train them up in fighting and wrestling with a man having for the safeguard of his life either pikestaff club sword privy coat whereby they become the more fierce and cruel unto strangers..

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